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Noob No More – Unpacking Purchases and Freebies

One of the things you need to do is to go to a Rezz Area or Sandbox Area. Helping Haven has five locations where you can unpack boxes. Landmarks are below the Package Type Instructions.

Rez Area by Helping Haven Plaza:

Helping Haven Main Sandbox:

Helping Haven Skygarden Sandbox:

Helping Haven Shared Homes Rez Area:

Helping Haven Freebie Rez Area:

Package Type #1 – Add Me Unpacker

This type of unpacker will require you to add it to yourself.

Step 1 is to right click select the box icon of the item you are choosing to unpack.

Step 2 left click and then scroll down to select Add so the object is added to you.

The object will appear on your avatar and in some cases trigger an animation, like a shopping pose of a pose where the item appears to be in your hands.

Step 3 Once your Avatar is in the pose position and you can see the object, you will need to move your mouse to where the object is on your avatar.
NOTE: If your camera controls are set to front, side or rear view, when your mouse is in the optimal spot, it will turn into a small hand icon.

Step 4 Click on your left mouse key usually under your index finger. That will trigger a blue menu asking you to accept the item in the box you are unpacking.

Step 5 Click Accept and the folder and the folder contents of the box you are unpacking appear in your inventory.
NOTE: You can delete the unpacker by using the round menu and selecting delete, or you can detach the unpacker and just in case, drag it into the unpacked folder.

Package Type #2 – Drag and Drop Box Unpacker

NOTE: This box icon may not be easy to identify. This used to be the way most vendors had users unpack the items they gave away or sold.

Step 1 Press right mouse button on the icon for the item you want to unpack and drag it to the floor.

Step 2 Click on the box and press left mouse button.

Step 3 In the Round Menu, select Open

Step 4 On the bottom right of pop-up menu, click on Copy To Inventory

Package Type #3 Heads Up Display (HUD) Unpacker

Step 1 Add the object you want to unpack

Step 2 An icon will appear on your screen.
NOTE: Some HUD unpackers automatically are triggered when added and ask you to accept the folder with the unpacked items; others required you to click on a part of the icon on your screen to trigger the blue menu that asks you to accept the contents into your inventory.

FYI If any unpacker, states it is empty and needs to be deleted, that means that the items in the unpacker have been fully distributed and you can not unpack that box again. In that case, if you lose the unpacked item or delete a portion of the unpacked item, you will need to go to the store and have the object redelivered or if it is a freebie, go back to the store and get the object again.

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