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Battle in Deep Space Adventure

Drama Libre’s theme was Deep Space Battle and Jas and I had to get our best Cyber Battle gear ready for this week’s event. Our fabulous hosts, Peachy Sassoon and Xerxes Sismondi, and the amazing build team at Drama Libre did not disappoint and made sure the Universe would survive the battle. Jas and I prepped in our best gear from the Access Cyber Fair, made sure we were prepared to do our part. There were so many amazing looks this week, that we did not just do a quick walk through at the location, we showcased guests in all their best gear.

Peachy, of course, our fearless photojournalist, made sure we all received a special photo as a guest. Links to the photo album to follow.

To check out the build and get a glimpse of the amazing experience, please feel free to view the video below:






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