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Cannes Film Festival Adventure

Drama Libre this week, hit it out of the park with their latest build showcasing the Cannes Film Festival. Jas and I put on our best formal wear and I came in my best impression of Gigi while she debuted in a stunning red gown. Peachy and Xerxes kept the party hopping with their DJ Grigor Kobeshimi and made sure everyone felt at ease and welcome in the SL Celebrity party of the season. And, not shockingly, we were outdone by the spectacular contest winners of the week: Ella, Rinaldo and Tigerlily in what was a first place tie among the three. Ella was the fabulous Jessica Rabbit, Rinaldo the vintage movie director and Tigerlily who portrayed a modern day, publicist, and photographer with Starlet clients.

Our favorite and most intrepid photojournalist, Peachy Sassoon, of course, brought it with her camera and captured images of the event and its participants: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNpcL5t-1LmiXzyWGle7BZbAQvzCC4IT7PcJqeNnP-3CsVJLR72934n25aM4M_Ddw?key=VklzeEFraHdmejBsU0lpdXRIdUw2M2ZfZmw5ZDR3.

Below is the video to check out.

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