Drama Libre Presents Wake Up The Dead

Drama Libre Presents Wake Up The Dead

Drama Libre never fails to impress with their builds every week. This week the goal was to “Wake Up The Dead.” And in true form, an unholy trio of Alexxy, Kendra and I.

This week’s contest winners are: (Pending)

For a coolest photo library of the event, check out Peachy Sassoon’s photo gallery: (Pending)

And I even had some fun posting the following on Facebook this week: Wake Up The Dead Photos


Dance brought to you by Alexxy’s Adventures, Eispoo Vezina:

Alexxy’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkMCER32rad7D7SwrTMHrHA


Don’t forget last weeks, event, Creep House: Drama Libre Presents Creep House (adventuresinsecondlife.com)

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