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EBento Anniversary – Over 80 Gifts! Event Over

EBento Anniversary – Over 80 Gifts

Event ends May 31!

This amazing event is celebrating EBento’s 4th Anniversary and there are so many gifts to pick up, seemed a shame to not compile a video or list to help choose in advance. Video to follow!

The following has key landmarks to help find your favorite freebies and check out the event

Center Landing Point – (GA EG Booth)Interior Aisle Booths

Vendor Gift Description
GA EG Yes Eyes Blue Dark, Blue Light and Blue Medium System
Truly Outrageous Fashion Yes Birthday Cup holdable 
Tonic No
Move Yes Angie 43 Dance
ADD clothes and shoes Yes Ellen Top Legacy Maitreay Kupra
Aris Aris B &W Yes Charismatic Sunglass Music 
Vista Animations Yes Dance from Vista Animations
Celestina Weddings Yes Daiamant Mon AmourNecklace
Logo No
Altamura Yes Altamura manicure for Altamura bodies only Omega applier
“off-line” Yes Trend Setter Glasses 16 color fatpack
e-body Yes free ebody limited demo classic n curvy

South Aisle:

Vendor Gift Description
No match Yes No whistle hair 
Warm Animations Yes Warm CAngaBeach Towel PG 

North Aisle:

Vendor Gift Description
Lulub Yes Illuminada Mesh Aura 
Darcio DP Poses Yes My Girl Couple Pose 

East Aisle:

Vendor Gift Description
Envah Yes Framed Gift Décor 
Elise Carter Yes Red Gown 

West Aisle:

Vendor Gift Description
Insurrection  Yes Beth Dressing Room 
Optimus Race  Yes OR Tiger 5.7 SG Street Bianco 

Exterior Booths:

South West Corner:

Vendor Gift Description
Glitter Yes Pose Set Solo 
MJN Cosmetics Unknown Not Set Up
Inspiration Yes Pose Set Happy Couple 
Pure Rich Yes Toe Rings
Session Yes Black cat earrings white eyes and yellow eyes
MyBAGS Yes My Florencia No Pose/PoseArm and Pose Hand
Plastic Girls Yes Challenge Animation Me Too solo Peace Sign double
S&G Yes Dreamy Eye Omega and BOM 
Vegas Tattoo Yes Omega Face Tattoo Fotune and Fortune 31 BOM & Omega 
Pacagaia Yes Friends Pose with Frappucino 
Chop Zuey  Yes Alfie Bracelets Left and Right with Tx Change 
Zoom  Yes Allie Dress 
Artemis Corner Yes Sculptures Floor Lamp
The Home Store Yes Daisy Heart Flower Arrangement 
Rovan Yes Nara Dress Legacy
YoUnique Couture Yes BonnieRibbon and Rivet Collar 
AT World  Yes Tattoo

North West Corner:

Vendor Gift Description
Tulssy Yes CAT Ballerina Manicure 
Luna Chelsea Yes Cyn Lace Set
Voice Yes Cat Robot Red Plaid
Mila Rasmuson Yes Trucco Charlotte Bom
Ginger Fish Yes Love me pose 
Kira Style Tattoo Yes Kira Tattoo Adventures Classic and BOM 
7 Deadly Skins Yes JIPKE Gift in Pineapple 
Poison Rouge Yes Nymph 
Corazon Yes Tattoo Cat gift 
Alges Designs Yes Tattoo Flying Feather 
BBK Yes Monelia Panties Yellow 
Peoma Yes Mermaid Default Tattoo Layers and Catwa Applier
Rots Yes Mens Knife for Gianni Jake and Legacy
Loods7 Yes Grey Furbag 
Lexa Cosmetics Yes Rare Gloss  for Lelutka Evo and Evo X
BW Poses Yes You make me tremble pose set 

Northeast corner:

Vendor Gift Description
B(u)y Me Yes Claw Nails Pastel Love Set and Genus Gift Head Moochi Shape
Roslyn Yes Ezra glasses unpacked ready to wear 
Boyberry Yes Maitai unpacked ready to wear
Blow Up Yes Bento Heart YoYo 
Etherial Yes Gold/Silver Nipple Piercings Maireya Legacy freya
Unsetup Booth N/A
Enemy Yes Flor Tattoo
StephanieL Yes Marta Shoes 
Belize Bubble Yes Panties Maitreya and Legacy
Elle Et Lui Yes Birthday Earings Silver/Gold 
Square Modern Art Décor Yes Bamboo Orchid Art Piece
Blaxom Yes Jaiden Chain Piercing 
DS’Elles Yes Flickr Poses w/image
Glitter Yes Janet Fitmesh Jumpsuit Red 
Shiny Stuffs Yes BOMSmokey Eye Lelutka Evo and EvoX 
Blurr Yes Rainbow Highlighter
Supernatural Yes Paloma Earings Fatpack 

Southeast corner:

Vendor Gift Description
White Queem No
Slavia Yes Bow Tie Bracelet 
Juna Artistic Tattoo Yes Egle Tattoo Neck 
Nyne No
YoU byGeMyles Yes Box Frame Metal Flowers 3 
Ponther Tattoo & Clothes Yes Red Dress
Raon Beauty Yes Gift but not distributing? Margot Skin in Milk 
Luka Yes Smiling Eyes Lelutka Evo
Moz Designs Yes Selena canvas sneaker 
Avenge Yes alison Skin for Catwa 
Arte Yes Candy Eyes 
Paragon Yes Cherry Boom Boom Chair Arrangement 
You and Me Yes Pose 
Escargot Creation Yes Top for Maitreya Petite 
Kokoro Poses Yes Need to unpack snowballs 
Web Dew Yes Gradient Glasses 
Clever Language Yes Face Tatooo 14 and20 BOM Omega ad Lelutka n Genus

Don’t miss out on the latest hunt at The Free Dove: The Free Dove May Free Hunt – ( that includes video with hunt hints.

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