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FLFoween and Free Gifts with Novata

FLFoween and Free Gifts with Novata

This is the amazing Fifty Linden Friday on Halloween steroids! A full sim with a gift in almost every booth and all products for sale are only 50L. A total can’t miss event. Below we have included our usual master list for you to sort through the goodies you want.


FLF Group (Free): secondlife:///app/group/4736f8f4-8b07-85c3-6952-ceafd0673096/about

Seraphim Products For Sale Images: Happy FLF-o-Ween! | Seraphim (

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Vendor Gift Gift Description
Aisle 1 south to north
Aranas Yes Mushroom Head Gift
Nectarine Yes Cropped Tshirt
The Horror Yes Poster Creepy Crew
Lock and Tuft Yes No Sleep Backpack
LuluB Yes Burton Gift
Cubic Cherry Yes Omen face markings
Half Deer  Yes Butterfly Hair Bow
Vespertine Yes Graveside Collection
Glam Affair Yes Clara Kyuketsuka Skin Milk FLF Gift
Luxuria Yes Charlotte Thigh Highs
Anc Yes Cat and Chocolate
Aueutia Yes Gift
Doe No
Asteria Yes Vixen Bustier Purple
Aisle 1 north to south
Lemme Yes Neon Skull light
Narcisse Yes Rhaenys Helmet
Cand Doll Yes Beatrix Heal Pink
Dlab Yes MC006 Gift
Mithal Yes Miranta Green Herringbone
Jain Yes Mischief Backpacks Gift
CX Yes Bloody Bear Trap
Dead Doll Yes Batcollar Fatpack
Astralia Yes Sweet Pumpking Orange and Pink
Justice Yes Mia Dress Candy Corn
Violetility Yes Vemon Earrings
Reign Yes Slouchy Tote Bag Happy Halloween
Bumblebee No
Antelier Burgundy Yes Ghost Balloon Gift
Center Aisle N to South
Spruce Yes Spooky pumpkins
Maru Yes Spooky Top
OMY Yes Victim Headband
Violation Yes Neon Coffin Earring
Cest La Vie Yes Batty Headband
Broken Arrows Yes Sparks Silver Skull Pillow
Far North Outer Wall 
Contraption Yes The Disassembler gold
Masoom Yes Wishful heels gift
Hopscotch Yes Halloween Stickers Gift
what next Yes Halloween Topiary Gift
Hilted Yes Neon Spook Signs
PewPew No
Friday No
Safira Yes Arwen Dress
Crate Yes Jack o lantern Décor gift
Infinite Yes Alyx Poster Boo
The Forge No
Lagom Yes Eyball lights
Petrichor Yes Land Horns Fades
Far West Outer Wall
floorplan Yes Leaning letterboard/ halloween
Milkmotion TBD
Rowne Yse Jeune HI Rise Skinny Olive
Chi Mia Yes Single Pumpkin
Short Leash Yes Halloween Lollipops
Insomina Angel No
Unicut Yes Tenacious Spooky gift
Bonnicci Yes Treat Bucket
Garmonbozia Yes Marea Earrings Gift pack
Valentina E Yes Tabitha Dress Boo
Alme Yes Ballerina Nails Scary Halloween
Never Wish Yes Spoopy Crystal Ball
ADD Andel Yes Distributor not working but 100% Treat Tatoo
emarie Yes Mix and Match Coffin 
Cosmic Dust Yes Razor Blade Heart Lollipop
Fancy Décor Yes Creepy Canisters
Tentacio Yes Vamp drink
Far South Outer Wall
Phedora TBD Booth not set up
Fakeicon Yes Bloody canine tooth earrings
Enchante Yes Exquisite Heart Choker Gift
13 Act Yes Halloween gift
Asteroid Box Yes Destroyer Knife Bento Hold
Hangry Yes Mixed Macron Autumn
North Oak Yes Rainer Chair pumpkin Spice
Sways Yes Flfo ween gift
zerkalo Yes Vichuga Painting Gift
Llorisen Yes Pumpkin stands gift
Andore Yes Earring Secret of the Heart
Far East Outer Wall
22769 Yes Candlehouse
CuteCVlt Yes Lustre Nail Bracelet Black
Veechi Yes Destiny Eyes Black
Fetch Yes Alfie Collar Halloween Gift
Kraftwork Yes Small Light Trees
Interior West Wall
Luas Yes Voodoo Doll White
Nar Mattru Yes Moody Lashes Le Evo/X
Paniq Yes Harvest Pumpkin
Bunk Yes Nazar Ring
Equal Yes Lola Choker
ALT 3 Yes ?
MUG Yes Halloween Leggings
Wistaria Yes Bloddy Ears Gift EvoX
Lady Bird Yes Gae Mug
RIOT Yes Happy Hauntes
Interior South Wall
Kataonic Yes Fox Doll
Random Matter No
Salem Yes Miranda Hat Fatpack
Schadenfreude  Yes Bat Pair Lennox Heels
Velour Yes Miranda Skin for Evo X Rose Kiss
Celeste Yes S
Gabriel Yes Rolled Hem Jeans Red
Valkyr Yes Staff Mask Heart
Architect Yes Bowls of Nuts
Seven Emporioum Yes Plywood Cat
Interior North Wall
Cult Yes Goth Earring
Casadel Yes Black Short 
Elm Yes Crystal Globe
Off-line Yes Leather Mask Devil Crimson
Avec Toi Yes Slaine Horns
Le Fille Casse Yes Sally Bdress Bloddy Special
Consignment Yes Gas Mask Wall Décor Rose
Nomad Yes Spider Jar Deco
Pitaya Yes Antique Grocery Stock Cans

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