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Ladies Classic to Mesh on a Budget – Part 4 $0 Linden Classic Mesh Hottie

The first avatar you are in Second Life is often referred to as a Noob Avatar. “Noobs” are considered newbie users to SL. Although you may encounter people who are nice and helpful, they may not be amenable to walking you through the needed steps to transform to an upgraded mesh avatar. Most people if at all possible want to update this look when they arrive so they can not appear new.

This post lists places where you can upgrade your very first Female Avatar to a Female Mesh Avatar. YouTube video posted at the bottom in Spanish.

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There are several products you will need for your new Avatar. Rule of thumb: Wear is an absolute no unless you do not have an Add option. Under all circumstances look for Add first, if it is not possible to add the item, select Wear.

Bake on Mesh Makeup can be used for this Avatar. Below are additional Makeup items that can be purchased for free through the Second Life Marketplace and used with your Avatar.

Second Life Marketplace – Purchase will end up in your Received folder under Recent tab in Inventory and some may need to be unpacked
Sweets Free! Lace Lingerie / Underwear
Sweet’s Free! Eyes – Mesh & System
Makeup for Avatar

Head – Needs to be unpacked
The Free Dove – Great shop of Free Items existing since 2005
Group Join is required and free.
First Floor Dream Ciara Head

Body – Needs to be unpacked
The Free Dove – Great shop of Free Items existing since 2005
Second Floor eBody Classic and Curvy

BOM Relay – Needs to be unpacked
eBody Store
Needed for BOM Skin

Skins – Needs to be unpacked
7 Deadly s[K]ins
The Free Dove – Great shop of Free Items existing since 2005
Go to the Skins table and get all the items on the table as they include great items you can use in the future.
The Stay at Home Club Group Gift (Group Join Required – free)
On the other side of the wall behind the left side of the desk where the Men’s free group gift is.

Hair – Needs to be unpacked
Group Join is required and free.
Two walls of free items. The one above group join is group gifts and the one to the right is free gifts no group join required.

Clothes – Needs to be unpacked
Classic Body
Eden Dress only – Floral Mini Green Print Dress

AO – Animation Overrider (No need to unpack – look for the folder and then add the AO)
This product includes, stands, walks, sits, jumps and poses your Avatar. Not having one makes most people easily identify as a “Noob”
Eat Me Maybe (Group join required – Free)

Dressing Room to Upgrade Avatar

Items Added and Worn/Cosas Puestas y Anadidas:
ABAR – eBODY Base Feet High (Add)
Sweets Free Lace Lingerie – Brah (white) (Add)
Sweet’s Free Lace Lingerie – Panties (white) (Add)
Sweet’s Eye Alpha (right-click & add) (Add)
GlamEyeshadowGoldSheer – Makeup (Add)
Blackerby – Innoncense Blush LIght (Add)
PrettyLipstickAppleSheer-Makeup (Add)
ABAR – eBODY Physic (Add)
Eat Me AO Gift. Delicate Lady (Add)
Bangs 3 Unrigged/resized Add (Add)
Dream – Ciara BENTO Mesh Head
Fake Lashes 01 (upper) (Add)
Hair Teri Unrigged/resized (Add)
Sweet’s Free Mesh Eyes (L) – Green L (Add)
Sweet’s Free Mesh Eyes (R) – Green R (Add)
[WM] Cindie Heels Maitreya L (Add)
[WM] Cindie Heels Maitreya R (Add)
[WM] Eden Dress Ebody Classic (Add)
Sweet’s Shape #1 – Dream Ciara (Maitreya) (Add)
[7DS] – BODY 2020 Akyla bom skin PINEAPPLE (Add)
Sweet’s Shaper #1 – Dream Ciara (Add)
Bitsy – Eyes (Worn)

Partner stores list for clothes for ebody
If you want to buy more clothes for your Avatar the list of stores below are partnered with ebody and make clothes for both the curvy and classic body:

Video in Spanish

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