Serena Falls – Breath of Nature Take Two

I thought I would not be visiting Serena Falls again soon. I could not have been more wrong. I shared my experiences with my friend and we figured it would be a good idea to go visit the place together. A veteran of having visited many kinds of places in her long stint here, looking up the same place again, but with her for company, gave me a definite handle on things. Now I wasn’t wandering around aimlessly hoping I had someone to talk to.

I showed her all the places I had mentioned earlier, and together, we also discovered some other places. This time around, feeling safer in company, I picked a couple of gifts from the Red parrot at the entrance, after my friend said she had done so too. We walked around the place, tried all the objects where we could sit and she took photos and even a couple of videos.

One new object we saw was a huge basket-like swing, comfortably stacked with some pillows. She grabbed a video there, while I modeled, siting pensively and letting her work her magic. When I asked, she mumbled some jargon interspersed with English about how she makes the videos. ’Yeah’, I said, as if it understood everything, even though some of it was miles away from my grasp. But then I could not care any less – here I was, in this enchanting place, and my friend first made me a writer, then a model and now she was getting me my own video! Along the way, we also shot a couple of videos of us together, which came out really well. She certainly had a knack for this, but also put in a lot of hard work behind it.

I had not taken down notes when I was with my friend, so the next day, went on a tour again, but alone this time. To my surprise, I realized even after two trips, I had missed quite a few things here. What a place!

The first object on the left side was a wooden perch, kind of like a hunter’s outpost, about 15 feet high. It had comfortable seating for one. I tried that, and got a very different view all the way to the entry point. Did not stay very long there though – what do you do alone in an old dilapidated log cabin anyway? And just because I could do it without hurting myself, I jumped down and took the road again.

Further down, off the road, parked on the grass, was a huge horse carriage, which was from a different time and age. The part behind the driver was sealed, but for a couple of beautiful windows. Immediately below was a plush bed with large, comfortable pillows. Below the bed and all around, there were plenty of storage cabinets. Two benches sat on opposite ends, and had storage below them too. There was even a metal contraption to keep the carriage warm. Nice touch. This one was obviously meant for long journeys.

The devil is in the details and I had missed a detail. Much further down the road, was a small but comfortable tent, with a fire burning outside, and a guitar lazily propped against the stump of what was once a tree trunk. The bright colours of the tent and pillows stood in stark contrast with the greenery around. Cozy.

Another place I, and we, missed visiting, was a large house. I don’t remember the door being open last time I came by, but now it was, so I stepped in. Inside was a full-fledged house, with three large rooms, all of which were very sparingly furnished. Everything here had a rustic touch. The faded, washed out browns and greens led to this looking straight out of a period movie. Large glass windows meant plenty of natural light flooded inside. Interestingly, the windows felt real, not painted. When I was coming in, I saw someone standing outside. Inside, I could see her through the window panes. The rooms were spacious, inviting, and I just loved the last room in the house – the bedroom. It was just right.

Of the many things I had missed was a swing. A swing that swung, unlike the one my friend had sat in yesterday… and commented she wished the swing had swung. Well, you had that option too. You could read a book, have a drink or choose from a couple of other animation options, but had to grant permission to attach them to your avatar. The gently rocking swing was soothing and here, I spent quite some time. Sitting there, my gaze fell on the water body ahead of me, where an old wooden lighthouse and a boat gave each other company. It was exactly what it should have been – gentle, calming and very relaxing. A place to think and contemplate.

The boat was a good distance from the swing, easily at least 30 feet out, but out of sheer curiosity, I pointed at the boat… and to my surprise could sit in it. This was something. From here, the lighthouse was almost right at your feet, and its impressive light beacon could be seen shining proudly across the glass tower it was encased in. And now that I had successfully bridged the gap to the boat, I got bolder, and tried getting to the lighthouse. I had to swim a little, but it just a few feet. Unfortunately, the large door to the lighthouse was locked so I could not get in. However, on the other side of the lighthouse was a small wharf and a boat… a little extra for those who had a heart for adventure and made it to the lighthouse.
The crystal-clear water was too tempting, so instead of using the boat as a pit stop, I swam my way back to the swinging swing. It was getting late in my real world, so stopped my expedition there, for then. I will come back here again sometime for sure, and I am sure there will be something beautiful and enchanting tucked away in one corner of this beautiful place that will amaze me once again.

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