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4000L Gift Cards in June

4000L Gift Cards in June



LSR Originals

1000L Expires June 20

Group URI (99L): secondlife:///app/group/e8baca92-b28c-00d5-427e-18cd235e6963/about


Good Girl

1000L Expires June 20

Group URI (99L): secondlife:///app/group/c40f228d-80bd-028d-3b6a-ff72e5dc84f7/about


Arcane Spellcaster

At SL19B Shop

500L No Group Needed

500L for Group Members

Group URI (150): secondlife:///app/group/7ef9caf6-9190-502c-5109-fd5d84958189/about


::PTj:: *pour toujours*

500L Gift Card No Group Neded

500L Gift Card Group Needed but Group is Free

Group URI (free): secondlife:///app/group/2061b594-dbe1-45d5-f6dc-8ccc28991ed8/about

To use visit store at the landmark below


Freebie Events with Lots of Gifts

Access Anniversary Event

Lots of gifts – Watch this video for previews of some of the items:

Group URI (free): secondlife:///app/group/b3aace36-3811-aa8b-59dc-87ca4e63c1c6/about


Free Dove Hunt June

Fun Festival Wear

Watch this Betho video for hints on locations:

Group URI (free): secondlife:///app/group/2b6ea148-253e-325d-bf8b-f7eeb8c25dae/about

Free Dove SLurl:

Alaska Metro Slurl:

SL19B Shop & Hop

Preview Day June 15, 2022 – Join Group To Get Early Access!

Group URI (free): secondlife:///app/group/8db35111-979b-14a7-6a74-b47be86ce04f/about

School Days 1st Anniversary


Watch this Cat Pink video for some of the gifts:

Group URI (free): secondlife:///app/group/aa8e80fd-14d0-8d7a-c6a4-fa6d6b187d92/about


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