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Silence Of The Bunnies Adventure

Easter weekend was full of surprises at Drama Libre. Their theme on April 11, 2020 was Silence Of The Bunnies – An Easter Murder Mystery. Was there mayhem, murder?, Yes, Drama, no. Because Drama Libre is  of course, Drama free. Amazing music was played by our DJ of the evening Rinaldo Debevec who added guest requests throughout his wonderfully curated music. Dressed to impress there were many amazing contestants for the contest but only three could reign supreme. Our wonderful winners of the evening were: Muse, Ella and Monty in their Easter finery. As intended, our intrepid albeit Eggy hostess, Peachy Sassoon, honored the crowd with amazing photos of the night: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipM0OsTGlJaBVsY0zs02VtTypiZ6gmlIrAyWHWxxOVsEvxwteyrlMfKozo7p_Jlmuw?key=eGl4LVRWVFdRUlUyTkpjQjI4MEVBcC14ZEszSGZR.

To get a glimpse of this event, feel free to check out this very rough short clip created by Katheryn Llewellyn.


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