Drama LibreEvents

Fringe Worlds Adventure

Cyborgs and Robots and Rockets, Oh My!

The builders at Drama Libre never disappoint. Desolate and the unforgiving, the Fringe Worlds is the modern version of the Space’s wild wild west, where Cowboys, Robots, and Visitors congregate together hoping to survive the atmosphere and when possible, dance, dance dance! The contest winners of the evening were Madga, Sands and Whill, reflecting the ferocity required to survive an any fringe world. Images from hostess Peachy Sassoon are a can’t miss: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPhVtaRiQXT0qrgpFo8rhnbtDLrqHnysCsDXMVwyV3MFPSxm0qyNZOl4e6HgA8MVQ?key=aWVNSlB5eW95akxiaDJPRndlQUxSWVdEVkM5UERR

A video of this event is posted below.

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