ATG Entertainment Weekly – Week 8

ATG Entertainment Weekly – Week 8

Welcome to ATG Entertainment Weekly – Week 8.



Welcome to ATG Entertainment Weekly.

– Fashion Fair 2023
– The Basilica Epic Opening Flickr Competition
– The Sunbeamer Moon Dance run until July 2023

Welcome to ATG Entertainment Weekly.
Second Life entertainment continues to thrive on this 8th week of 2023.

Fashion Fair kicks off today at 12:00 noon slt with a Relay for Life fashion show presented by Seakers of Hope and Southern Style Modeling Agency. The event features items
donated by more than 20 Second Life Designers and products range from attire, accessories and enhancements. Raffles will be held throughout the event with some wonderful
prizes from Etham,Vision, Reign, TAstic, Miss Chelsea, Gabriel, Deadwool, KC Couture, [QE], GGVG, Tone2 and Second Nature.

“The Magical Forest” is an immersive experience of Peter’s story, journey and assimilation into the magical forest that touches upon human greed and possible consequences
by Harry Cover and Jaz. Opening begins at 10:00 am slt.

The Relay For Life of Second Life calendar brings to us all “Cruisin’ For A Cure”, an event featuring 3 cruises with 3 ports of call each.
The first cruise takes place from February 23rd to February 26th, with the second cruise following from March 9th to March 12th and the last cruise from March 23rd to March 25th.
Live performances include Grace Loudon, DJs, Giveaways, Dinner Service, and more.
Be sure to join for a boatload of fun!

Leading up to the epic opening of The Basilica, the club is launching a Flickr competition in which 10000 lindens are up for grabs. Participants are invited to
photograph themselves anywhere at the venue and post their pictures to The Basilica’s Flickr page. Only one post per person is allowed. The winner’s picture will be displayed
at the epic opening, and officially announced.
The Basilica is a club that focuses on electronic dance music (EDM) but loves all forms of music.
With music at its heart, The Basilica sets the scene for many different interactions. Apart from the lively dance floor in the nave, the outer aisles offer space for socialising.
The club will host its epic opening on March 11th 2023.

Staring on February 23rd and running until July 8th, every Thursday from 6PM to 8PM Second Life Time, The Sunbeamer Moon Dance promises to give you an experience out of this
world. Part of the Relay For Life of Second Life, you arrive at Sunweaver Space and grab a seat in the Columbiad Moon Cannon to be shot to the moon.
There, once you land on the lunar surface, a kiosk in your team’s name will be planted and dance a celebration of your moon landing with other teams.
Music is provided by a Live DJ who is not taking tips and wants you to tip the kiosk instead.
Come represent your team at this space-worthy event.

Open at the main gallery space at the Kondor Art Centre through until March 10th, 2023, is Endless, an exhibition of original art by LikaCameo, and reflections on life, feelings,
and the nature of time.
Split between the lower floor and the mezzanine level of the hall, this is in some ways an exhibition of two parts, woven together through the use of words. On the lower
level is a total of 13 monolithic plaques, each semi-translucent with an image captured from within Second Life offered on one face in colour and the other in monochrome,
each one offered with a quote.
Accompanying this collection is a series of white-on black drawings (also in places offered as glass-like etchings placed in front of some of the images).
The latter comprises 12 monolith plinths with a colour image on one side and a monochrome version on the other. Their positions match those of the plinths on the lower floor.
Evocative, layered and richly presented, Endless offers an engaging essay in images and words, which can be witnessed for itself before it closes on March 10th.

Currently open at the Lost Unicorn Gallery, curated by Natalie Starlight, is a special exhibition of fantasy photography by Dusty (DustinPedroia), featuring himself and model
Justice. Special, because all proceeds from the sale of any of the images will benefit Relay for Life of Second Life and the American Cancer Society.
From vampires through Vikings, to hints of legends such as Arthur and Guinevere and George and the Dragon, these are pieces laden with story.
Located throughout the ground floor of the gallery’s hall and modestly priced, these are pieces fit to grace any collection and offered in support of a very worthy cause.

Currently open within the Sky Gallery at Mareea Farrasco’s Imago Art Galleries is Vague Disclosures, a collection of twelve images by Carelyna, who herself runs the ArtCare
gallery within Second Life.
Having studied art, focusing on oil-on-canvas, Carelyna has carried her love of painting into the digital realm, using the tools available to her via her computer to take the
images she produces using the viewer and turn them into digital paintings.
No gallery or artist’s notes are supplied for the exhibition, leaving all twelve open to personal interpretation. There is no accident or oversight in this: Carelyna openly
admits she does not plan her works in advance; each piece she creates is part free-form composition, part experimentation and part therapy / a release of a sense of creative
fun, often given birth through a need to delve in a new world of such expression.

This February 26th, at the Fiji Island Airport, from 11AM until 2PM Second Life time, takes place the Glow in the Dark Air Show.
With participations from Brazilian Air Force, Anemone Wing Walking and The Hawks, this promises to be a spectacle of aerial skill and grace.
Afterparty will start at 2PM Second Life Time.

Paragon celebrates its 4th Anniversary on the Grid and is inviting all to is blowout party on February 26 from 10 am to midnite SLT. Lots of sponsors are participating
and drawings will be held every 20 minutes during live music with hot grid DJs.

Grid Drive’s group drive takes place as always on Saturday, at 11:30 Am and then again at Midnight.
The Navigation Hud can be found at Brussac Bay’s Get The Freight Out, and it will take any drivers to the start of the drive.
The group drive is sponsored by The Canary Project, and the reward is a small custom made sailboat.
The Canary Project patrols the Nautilus, Corsica and Blake Sea areas and reports on bad regions.

The Second Life Cheereleader Squad public practice will take place at Srooc Skytower Stadium in Cheertopia, on Thursday at 6PM.
As always, anyone is welcome to attend.

And now, more entertainment with our very own Katheryn Llewellyn.

Coming Soon starting March 3 – March 12…SL Living Expo, a Relay for Life event will be showcasing music and performers on the grid. Events starts at 10:00 am slt, March 3 with
daily performances until its conclusion on March 12 at 5:00 pm slt.

Casting call for volunteers to the I am SL exhibition beginning in April. The Artist is looking for 50 residents to participate in 45-minute portait photoshoots.
All residents can sign up, unique looks, or makup that makes you pop, and of course furries are welcome. VCSL website:
and I am SL submission form:

Thank you for watching ATG Entertainment Weekly.
Live the Grid Experience!

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