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ATG Grid News Week 24

ATG Grid News Week 24

This is ATG Grid News.
Our top stories:

– Mentor project back in Second Life
– Azure Islands continent shifts to the Blake Sea

Hello and welcome to ATG Grid News



This is ATG Grid News.
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Our top stories:

– Mentor project back in Second Life
– Azure Islands continent shifts to the Blake Sea

Hello and welcome to ATG Grid News

The Second Life’s LGBTQ+ community commenced their annual SL Pride event on Friday, June 9th, 2023, continuing until Sunday, June 18th.
This year’s celebration, themed “Not Going Back – Not Backing Down,” aims to respond to the unwarranted backlash and suppression against the LGBTQ+ community and gender rights worldwide, emphasizing resilience.
The event, consistent with previous years, is held across two regions: Second Pride East, featuring an urban theme, and Second Pride West, offering a familiar beachfront and pier design.
The central park and events area connect these regions, with landing points facing each other across the region boundary.
The event employs a Second Life Experience to facilitate teleports, offering attendees vital information on activities centered on the main park stage, the Beach Stage, and the intimate Bandshell/City Venue.
Moreover, the Bijou Theatre will offer special performances and light shows, accessible via teleport upon arrival.
More information on the plethora of live performances can be found on the Second Pride website’s Event Schedule.
The event also provides the Second Pride Community Resource Centre for newcomers to the LGBTQ+ communities, as well as the Second Pride Memorial Chapel for quiet contemplation.
Attendees can also unwind at the Dim Sum Gardens or explore the two regions. The event will raise funds for the LGBTQ Freedom Fund, a US-based organization fighting for the rights of incarcerated LGBTQ+ individuals, and the It Gets Better Project, a non-profit advocating for the rights of LGBTQ+ youth worldwide.
Attendees are encouraged to contribute to these worthwhile causes while enjoying the festive atmosphere.

Updating on the 2023 Second Life Puppetry Project, the viewer software remains at version, released on May 11th.
This latest version incorporates Rider Linden’s pioneering feature for attachment point tracking and forwarding, alongside improvements to puppetry handling such as support for parsing binary LEAP data.
Despite a brief lull in the project due to out-of-office staff and other simulator commitments, progress continues, notably on Inverse Kinetics (IK) work, albeit with certain complexities, particularly regarding issues with the default avatar mesh joint weighting along the forearm and wrist.
Leviathan Linden aims to resolve the targeting problems first, followed by eliminating limb-avatar body collisions.
The project team is utilizing Forward And Backward Reaching Inverse Kinematics (FABRIK) for suggesting new joint positions, but its adaptation is an ongoing process.
Meanwhile, Aura Linden is focusing on the Animation Importer project, separated from the Puppetry project, and is working to facilitate animation imports from various formats, with the support of Assimp, a tool capable of converting 30-40 animation formats for easy import to various platforms.

In line with its 20th birthday celebrations, Second Life is thrilled to introduce a new generation of Second Life Mentors, embodying the ancient principle of “Paying It Forward” in the vibrant community of Second Life and its future.
This will involve two volunteer mentorship teams; the Second Life Mentors who assist new residents, and the Bellisseria Mentors who guide people through various Linden Home themes and aid in their integration into the Bellisseria Continent community.
Mentors of all knowledge and experience levels are welcome, with emphasis on qualities like patience, positivity, inclusivity, and fun.
Ongoing skill-sharing, training, and community development ideas will further strengthen the mentors’ skills.
The acronym “OUR LIFE” summarizes the concept, with each letter representing different aspects of the mentoring experience.
Benefits for mentors include forming new friendships, attending social events, receiving gifts, and most importantly, contributing to a positive community and promoting healthy fun.
The application process for interested individuals is accessible through the provided links.

The Seafarer Marine Institute is enthusiastically preparing for the start of #WorldOceanMonth, a month-long celebration commencing on June 9th.
This event aims to raise awareness about the importance of our oceans, a theme that resonates strongly with the virtual landscape of Second Life.
A large part of Second Life is designed with an oceanic theme, encapsulating the beauty and tranquility of water bodies that are often just a simulation or two away for the virtual world’s residents.
In the spirit of the event, the Seafarer Marine Institute has enhanced its environment with new educational displays that provide insights into marine life and conservation efforts.
They have also enriched their virtual ocean with a greater variety of underwater life, aiming to offer a more immersive and educative experience for visitors during this significant month.

In recent mapping news from Claire M, Second Life’s Citizen Cartographer, the Azure Islands, a massive continent comprising 64 regions, has just relocated to a position north of Second Norway, on the Blake Sea.
The reason behind the movement remains uncertain.
If a connection is established with Second Norway, this could usher in a new route for sailors to reach Tuarua Fiji and, subsequently, Corsica.
Provided that the edge channel of Felicite Isle is broad enough, this move might facilitate sailing from Azure Islands to virtually all non-Adult mainlands.
Excitingly, Azure Islands are also establishing a link with Tuarua Fiji.
If a connection with Second Norway follows, it could create a massive user-owned mega-continent.
As of now, there have been no updates from Anshex regarding this development.
In more cartography news, a new continent has been spotted emerging from the sea.
It is uncertain if this will be the new Western/Ranch style housing continent.

The UK Guardian recently published a feature commemorating the 20th anniversary of Second Life, written by Simon Parkin, renowned for his insightful reporting on gaming culture for The New Yorker.
This piece stands as the first major media story marking Second Life’s two-decade milestone.
The article provides an extensive exploration of Second Life, including a discussion with the author, an in-depth analysis of creator Philip Rosedale’s reconsiderations on the virtual platform, and a focus on the rising popstar, Aufwie.
Aufwie, a 26-year-old musician from Birmingham, began visiting Second Life at the age of 12, leveraging it as a refuge from school bullying and a platform for socializing on his terms.
His music became a conversation starter, leading to small crowd gatherings and eventually a proper concert, which drew in an audience of 50, momentarily overwhelming Aufwie’s PC due to the crowd rendering.
This in-depth report underscores the diverse experiences and opportunities the virtual world of Second Life provides to its inhabitants.

This has been ATG Grid News.
Enjoy the grid!

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