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Christmas Shop and Hop – Snowflake Region

Storefronts and locations of all found gifts.



1 Supernatural Red Chocker Gift
2 Stories & Co Mitch Tank Top
3 The Forge Xandra Bodice Red
4 Stardust Tattoo
5 Star Sugar Christmas Frame and Ornament
6 Spryalle Light Mast Twilight
7 Spookshow Dermal Horns and Zero Collar
8 The Annex Esmee Outfit
9 Sonia Edge Christmas Outfit (could not retrieve)
10 Something New Poses Christmas stage backdrop
11 Simply Shelby snowlflake Wreath
12 Short Leash box found but empty?
13 Sways Christmas Gift stocking and lantern
14 Secrets of Gaia snowflake Gown
15 Secrets Jewelry Men Ram Chains Women Shelly Earrings
16 Salt and Pepper Holiday Sweater Dress
17 Rumah Kita snowflake neon gift
18 Shadenfreude Green and white stripe socks
19 RNK Tree Heel Pumps
20 Pulse Pulse Silky Top

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