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Cosmopolitan Anniversary Event – Free Gifts!!! Event Over

Cosmopolitan Anniversary Event – Free Gifts

Woot, woot.

I got super lucky and into the Cosmopolitan Anniversary Event that runs until May 15. And, made sure I compiled some solid information for all you freebie hunters and shoppers out there. Here is a list I personally compiled showing vendors and gifts. Video will be added to this in the next 24 hours for those who want to also see what they can get.

XOXO, enjoy!

Oh and don’t miss the Legom hunt only on until May 13..Legom Free Hunt with Cat Pink – (

Cosmopolitan Anniversary Event
Vendor Gift Name of Gift Object for Sale
Fashionatic Yes Zury Top Unpacked Emani Set $250 Per Individual $1400 for Fat Pack
Fashionatic N/A N/A Emani Female Heels $599 Fatpack
Wet Cats Yes Cloudy Balloon Old Home Set $250 each in Red Shutters or Blue Shutters
Wet Cats N/A N/A Home 3 Pose Set $250
Velour Yes Evo X Freckles Highlighter Makeup BOM and Evo X BOM $ 288 set either Bom or EvoX
N/A N/A Pack 1 – 5 Lelutka/Genus/HDPro $248 each set all brands
Apple Blossom Yes Argentina Dress #4 Celia Dress $150 Individual Dress $1350 Fatpack
Candy Kitten Yes Never Alone Dress Spoiled Top $210 Individual $920 Fatpack
Candy Kitten N/A N/A Spoiled Bottom $210 Individual $920 Fatpack
Old World Yes Bowl of Apples Strawberry Basket or Blueberry Basket $255
N/A N/A Strawberry Set or Blueberry Set $188
By Little Diamond Yes Summer heat Dress Fatpack Bibika Top $230 Individual $950 Fatpack
N/A N/A Bibika Skirt $230 Individual $950 Fatpack
N/A N/A bibika Set Fatpack $1,900
Sheba Yes Claire Bangle Claire Heels $249 Individual$750  FAtpack
Pragon Dance Animations Yes Alex Hip Hop Version Rare Swag Groove $300 $900 Fatpack
Deep Static Yes Taylor Glasses Eloise Shades $250
Aurora Yes Aurora Leather Collar Sharon Lingerie $899 Individual Sets $ 2499 Fatpack
Nero 17 Yes Gift Shirt Men Tucked in Tank $299 Individual $999 Fatpack
Belle Poses Yes Couple 85 Pose Pizza Q Pose $250
N/A N/A Pizza Queen Prop $150
Aurica Yes Iris Tattoo BOM Jyala Dress $150 Individual $699 Fatpack
Mondial Yes Midori Mini Dress Latex Dres $200 Individual $1299 Fatpack
G&D No N/A $297
Justice Yes Brenda Tee Chloe Skirt $225 Individuals $1200 Fatpack
Hilly Haalan Yes Chelsea Overall Cleo Heels $275
Boo’d Poses Yes Three Solo Poses Millions Reason and Up and UP Pose set $200
Shifuku Yes Peach Tin with flowers Denim Holdable Jacket with Flowers $280
Bamse Yes Meow Knuckle Guitar Gachas $50
Asteria No N/A Joy Bottom $170
N/A N/A Joy Top $120
MeHoney No N/A Brianna Dress $269
N/A N/A Milana Stockings $245
N/A N/A Liam Panties 199 Single $796 Fatpack
United Color TBD TBD Not SetUp Yet Not SetUp Yet
Move Cologne Yes Angie _66 Alini Vol. 2 $300 Each $2999 Fatpack
Focus  Poses Yes Couple Pose Simple is Beautiful $299
N/A N/A Simple is Beautiful v2 $299
ME Jewelry Yes Madah Earrings Sunly Earrings $160 each set
Fransela No N/A Favore top Favore Top $279 Fatpack $869
N/A N/A Shorts Shorts $299 Fatpack $949
Real Evil Yes Hearty Earings Foxy Gloves $499
Melusine Yes Qui est en lui  Melusine Mast $319
De Perla Yes 2 Poses Unpacked Static and Breathing Poses $249 each
G Shot Yes AREI Skirt Zyra $499 Fatpack
Kunglers Yes Dalva ring Jakesa Rings $340
Milota Gentle Apparel No N/A Beywe Top $259 Individual $959 Fatpack
Pretty Deceased No N/A Kea Dress $199 Individual $1199 Fatpack
Ricielli Yes Jodie Skirt Marnie Outfit $250 Shorts $250 Top $995 Fatpack
Meva No N/A Mavi Shirt Box $340
Arte Yes He has Risen Tattoo BOM Irena Eyebrows $250
S/C No N/A $799 Wedding Rings
Limerence Yes Victoria Hair – Special Set Darya $400 Each Sets 5 Sets Different Colors
Boutique #187 Yes Ladybug Headband Ladybug Phone Case $219
Kenny Rolands No N/A Dress $325 Individual $1000 Fatpack
Mellowcute No N/A Gwen top $269 Individual $899
Poison Rouge No N/A Debbie Leather Dress $299 Individual $1,599 Fatpack
AEGYO Yes Jiyoon Fatpack Chiharu Dress $198 Mini Pack $1498 Fatpack
Supernatural Yes Jolie Set Fatpack Any Belly Chain $220 Individual $950 Fatpack
no.match_ Yes Queen Ombre Color set No Circle Unisex Hair $150 Individual Color Sets (4) $700 All Colors
ZK Original Fashion Yes Little Liars Sunglasses delicate style Fabienne Top and Pants $250 Top or Pants $1850 Fatpack
Limited Addiction Yes Kallie Dress Checker Set Minx Dress and Jacket $250 Jacket $350 Dress Individual only$2700 Fatpack
ODD Clothes and Shoes Yes Carol Sandals Deborah Swimsuit $250 Individual $1200 Fatpack
Sequel Yes Hand Painted Bird Houses Bottle Bird Feeder $99 Pastel and Nuetrals
Amias No N/A Maija Dress $950
N/A N/A Maija Dress Print $1,250
N/A N/A Maija All $1,750
Poema Yes Kimi Makeup Subtle Blush Exclusive $160
N/A N/A A touch of BOM Eyeshadow Exclusive Evo x $160
N/A N/A Suzzy BOM Eyeshadow Exclusive Evo x $160
Carol G Yes Heart Back Let TaTToo Quote Tiny Tattoo collection $395
Balaclava Yes Annniversary Mug Hold and Décor Coffee Set Décor $140
Adorsy Yes Arm Jewelry Laura Set Buy All $2,800
N/A N/A Laura Top $250
N/A N/A Laura Shorts and Suspenders $299
N/A N/A Laura Heels $600
Center Aisle
Sources Yes This is not me Art Piece Beach Inflatable Ring Swing with Shower $400 PG $450 Adult
Le Petite Vie No N/A Piscine – La Falaise 21 LI $475
Silvery Yes Steam Punk Goggles Steam Punk Electricity Pole and Iron Fence Set $300
Fundati No N/A Tree Set $399
Kraft Work Yes Breakfast In Bed Tray Bed end Trunk bench in four colors $199 each
Minimal Yes Ranger Table Light Wood Sky Box 60 LI $699
Konoha Yes Konoha Bluebells Circle Square and Hill Beech Forest (Fargus carla) Elder Pack 15 clumps $599
Chez Moi No N/A Teak Tree Hugger Bench and Library (Tree not included) $360 PG $559 Adult
TLC Yes Gold fish Fox Terrier Companion Dog $500
Silence Yes Modern Striped Rug Matching Mission Ash Full Bedroom Set $899
HeadHunter Yes Old Wood Crate Royal Turtle Bed $390
Serenity Style Yes My Puppie Sweet Home 4×4 Gacha $70
Revival No N/A Changing Texture Metal Bench with or without pillows $300 Each
Killers No N/A coutnryside Rustic Gazebo LI 41 $249
Goose Yes Gooose Coat Rack Railroad Bridge $499
Your Dreams Yes Love Cake Pallet Love $199

Check out this cool Freebie hunt for furniture and accessories. They have tons of super cute Gachas, too!

Legom Free Hunt with Cat Pink – (

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