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Drama Libre Presents – The Morning After

Drama Libre did it again.

Not only did they bring us the ultimate afterparty, lol. They created a brand new landing and teleport spot for their events in 2021.

Our winners for this week are Krissi in first place and Rendal and Missy tied for second.

Cant miss photos can be found here: #723 : 09-Jan-2021 : The Morning After – Google Photos

Much Thanks to Peachy and Xerxes and all the wonderful builders: Rinaldo, Cathy, and Dagmar who hit it out of the park each week.

Great party every Saturday from 7:00 slt to 10:00 slt
Xerxes and Peachy are your hosts.
New build and new adventure every week.
If you miss the party, just check out the build using the above SLurl explore link.
Drama Libre is a club like no other in Second Life. Founded by Xerxes Sismondi and Peachy Sassoon,
we host an immersive theme party every Saturday night at 7 to 10 pm SLT.
Our venue is completely rebuilt from scratch every week, to match a new theme.
Each party features a custom built set, created by Peachy, Xer and a group of dedicated,
imaginative and talented volunteers. Music is presented by awesome music-lovin’ DJs!
We’ve been doing this non-stop since October 2006, and haven’t repeated a theme yet!
DRAMA LIBRE is all about escaping from drama in Real and Second Life.
We are an oasis of creativity, friendship, and fun for everyone. Our sets take several days
to build, and usually comprise over 1000 prims, so it’s no small task. We have built over
500 unique themed sets ! Because of our schedule, we only have one party
every week — Sat 7pm to 10pm SL time . Our parties are always open to everyone
who wants a break from drama! We always get a great openly-friendly, fun-loving,
and really creative crowd. Don’t believe us? Come to one of our parties and find out first-hand!
Looking for builders or someone to help you host an event or party?
Contact Xerxes Sismondi or Peachy Sassoon. Got any questions about DRAMA LIBRE, building or SL?
Just ask! No question too dumb or too small for us to handle! Our name describes our philosophy:
To enjoy Second Life without drama… thats for RL… or other places in SL! Good music, good people, no drama.
That’s us, DRAMA LIBRE!
Come and enjoy a drama-free moment with us!
#SecondLife #DramaLibre #SecondLifeDancing #SecondLifeMusic
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