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Elven Tower Adventure

Drama Libre brought their version of Dungeons and Dragons to life in this week’s build. Special touches throughout the build and tower such that there are two videos this week. Party attendees went all out and included Dancing Dice, Lady Warriors, Skeletons and Elves. Winners this week were the lovely Zoe, Magda and Cherry.

This weeks can’t miss photos brought to you by Peachy Sassoon: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipN_6WZ55j0urur0W3uv_KM6q3egumE7fX0oqQmZGxlCX0Er8sHBGlvEtW2oWzEvlA?key=ZDZEeXFIX0d4UzJDbHRLeHpFdjlkRTctMk9ISzBR

This week, we have two videos for you, the first of the event and the second of the build entrance that was so cleverly put together, it deserved documentation.

Event footage:

Narrated entrance footage:

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