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Ladies Classic to Mesh On A Budget – Part 1

Second Life has an abundance of choices, when new, its almost impossible without the help of a blog post or current information to find the sources for free or reduced price product. To support the need for information, this post was created for anyone looking to transform from Classic to Mesh.

Beyond cost, one of the key areas I looked into for this what what products have solid compatibility, are versatile enough to have both omega compatibility and the ability to use baked on mesh. The other factors that led to my choosing the products contained herein were the viability and accessibility of clothes and mesh shoes that fit.

Photo shoot conducted at the Helping Haven Gateway Fae Forest. Special Thanks to Lily Swindlehurst for her participation and support of this blog.

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Genus Project: Group Join Required
Genus Project Strong Head (Free)
Second Life Market Place:
Omega System Kit Genus ($149 lindens)
Judy Shoes: Group Join Required (Midnight Madness Board)
Judy Shoes Athena Body (Free)
(To create baked on mesh capability $197 purchase required near Midnight Madness Board)
7Deadly Skins: Group Join Required
7Deadly Skins (Free)
Essence: Free Group Join Required (FYI Update Group)
Dakota Fat Pack (Shape)
Sintiklia: Group Join Required
Dream and Teri Hair (Free)
The Stay at Home Club
(Free Group Membership make sure your tag is active when you buy the dress) website
Sinful Delights Comic Nit Dress ($1 gets paid but refunded, item is free)
Le Fil Casse:
Dress SL17B Gift (Free) Wear SL Birthday Group Tag Just in Case
Sorry, readers as of July 12, this event for this item is over.
This free product is no longer available.
Helping Haven Free Shop:
BS Fanny Shoes (Mesh Free) 2nd Floor



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