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Male Classic to Mesh on a Budget – Altamura Max

As a new or returning user to Second Life, no one likes to look like they are new. Although there are great resources all over that can assist. Doing the transformation can be challenging since it requires learning new interfaces, the complexity of dealing with un-rigged mesh clothes, etc… The locations I leveraged for this project were: Helping Haven Gateway Free Shops, Second Life Marketplace for the eyes, Sintiklia for an alternate mesh hair look and London City Free Shops (for the Animation Overrider AO). The VistaAO Male when used and on poses your avatar and uses its own animations for walking, standing, smiling etc… Some of the toughest challenges in creating this post were finding male hair and keeping complexity down. In fitting Max with his attire, I had to leverage the alpha to hide part of his body that peek through as we were not wearing rigged clothing. To do that I used the Max Altamura Free HUD. Below in the slider, the last photo shows the exact areas that need to disappear to ensure no clothing breakage or skin peek through. To make this a bit easier, the HUD has little dots near the body parts if you click on the dot the entire section disappears. It saves time instead of clicking on each section. This is a common fix when using un-rigged mesh clothing on a mesh body. Should you like this look, it is a great way to test drive this product. Also, should you choose to buy, the Altamura shop has great attire and once you buy you will be able to take advantage of omega compatibility. Max the free version does not have Omega compatibility to use BOM (Baked On Mesh). Each item below is landmarked so you can get the items you see in the images below. Total cost for this Avatar is $0 Lindens.

Helping Haven Men’s Free Shops:
Male Mesh Business Suit- Black (includes shoes and accessories) Helping Haven Men’s Free Shop
Ajuda Brasil Free Store 4th floor
Lots of mesh clothes and accessories so you don’t have to always wear the same look.
Altamura Max Gift 1
Cabello Masculino
Second Life Marketplace
Sweet’s Free Shape for Max (2) – Blue Denim Eyes
London City – Freebie Megastore
VistaAO Male – 4th floor

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