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Second Life Haven

Started through the efforts of it’s founders, Notfragile Gausman, Aullere Ocello, Lily Swindlehurst and Charles DeBeaumont, Helping Haven is a fully functional SIM created to serve as a key area to support new and returning users to Second Life. Helping Haven’s extensive grounds start off with a Tutorial Walkway next to the Plaza and a path that leads to the three shops that include free full avatars, clothing, and building supplies. Throughout the SIM, are teleports route visitors to the Gausman Auditorium, Ocello Center and Swindlehurst Hall. Weekly Saturday class offerings include: Learning to Host, Learning to DJ, and beginner building.

For those who dare to take on greater challenges, there are intermediate building classes that are conducted at the main sandbox. Previous programs included, building/scripting a teleport, building/scripting a robot, etc… Classes are conducted in voice as Teachers (Merlin, Tim or Hippie) walk you through the process and also provide each student with a folder of tools, supplies and material.

If you feel yourself at home, you can choose to live in one of the four beautifully appointed homes available. Each two-story home is part of a quiet garden community that includes pool, barbeque, patios and saunas. For more information, send a message to Lily Swindlehurst.

Some areas to explore include the beach for free boat and tube rides, SkyGarden Dance club, Fae Forest and Hidden Cave. Fridays, Helping Haven DJ TarzanTom spins music from 2:00 – 4:00 pm.

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