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September Free Dove Hunt

September Free Dove Hunt

20 Gifts – Three Locations – All Free

View video for location hints.

The Free Dove SLurl:

The Free Dove Group URI: secondlife:///app/group/2b6ea148-253e-325d-bf8b-f7eeb8c25dae/about

D!vine Style SLurl:

D!vine Style Group: secondlife:///app/group/cad56842-c22f-0ddd-7137-0d0cdae1c919/about

D!vine Style Group Gift – 4

Other Free Group Gifts w/Free Group Join – 5

Other Free Group Gifts w/Group Join Fee – 2


GGVC Group: secondlife:///app/group/1aac36a9-8290-3bd2-eb5b-c5ead1107800/about

GGVC Group Gifts – 2



Free Dove Hunt Gifts (10)

D!vine Style Gift 1

D!vine Style Gift 2

D!vine Style Gift 3

D!vine Style Gift 4

D!vine Style Gift 5

GGVG Gift 1

GGVG Gift 2

GGVG Gift 3

GGVG Gift 4

GGVG Gift 5

D!vine Style Gifts (5)

D!vine Style Gift 6

D!vine Style Gift 7

D!vine Style Gift 8

D!vine Style Gift 9

D!vine Style Gift 10

GGVG Gifts (5)

GGVG Gift 6

GGVG Gift 7

GGVG Gift 8

GGVG Gift 9

GGVG Gift 10




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