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SL18B Shop and Hop Recap

SL18B Shop and Hop Recap

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Hollyhock STORES: SL18B Hollyhock Region: SL18B Shop and Hop – Hollyhock Region – Adventures in Second Life – SL Gift Description
1 Lacrime dell’anima Floppy Beanbag – Neutral Leather in shiny and non shiny with HUD
2 Devinz Designs Bistro Dining Set
3 %Percent Gfit of Mole Blank and Text
4 Art of Poses Pose Gift
5 Touryuumon Sleeping Leaf Bed
6 Mini A Chuu 6 gifts – Necklace and Earrings and 4 others
7 StudioDire Death Tyrant Eyes
8 Elite Equestrian Horse Coat Applier
9 Kiyori Maneki Neko Blue
10 Pixel Box Artificial Garden Poppers
11 Dreamland Designs DD Peaceful Wild Garden Décor (trouble retrieving – send note)
12 Apple Blossom Purple Dress
13 Etham Mens Gift
14 Gestalt Peace Gift BOM Face Paint
15 Art & Fashion Siren Mini Dress
16 Velour Velour Lusho HD Eyeshadows for EvoX
17 Ayaya & Carpe Noctem Beach Glow Face Light
18 Baby Ghee Bag Gift – Multiple Gifts
19 Kiru & Fen Du Du Kiru Yoru Earrings & Ice Cream Rabbit
20 Malified Jet pak
Sugarplum STORES: SL18B Sugarplum Region: SL18B Shop and Hop – Sugarplum Region – Adventures in Second Life – SL Gift Description
1 RVi Design Custom Homestead Sign
2 Short Leash $250L Gift Card
3 EXiA Chia Shoes with socks
4 Pause Poses Nelly Flip and Pride Deck
5 Dragon Lance Design Bird Feeder
6 Phedora Shelby Fatpack 20 Colors
7 Vanity Hair Vanity Hair
8 Noble Creations/REVOUL Antique Chandelier
9 Alli&Ali Designs $250L Gift Card
10 ALTER Dress
11 Blow-Up Ice Cream Gift
12 Nebur Cyborg TBD not found
13 lassitude & ennui Starry Crown
14 Tachinni Clothing $150L Credit and $250L Credit Group Gift
15 Eclectic Stars Dana Lucky Summer
16 Shutter Field and DJ.SF Cupboard – also group gift with $20L Group Join Fee Shabby White Bench
17 EED Home&Garden Branch Bench anim for friend rose pillows
18 Cube Republic Crystals Green
19 Fashiowl Poses Teddy
20 Masoom Outfit – Tia Pants Halo
Jubilant STORES: SL18B Jubilant Region: SL18B Shop and Hop – Jubilant Region – ( Gift Description
1 Candle & Cauldron Alchemist Gift in zoom of git
2 BONDI Bondi Keeper Glasses in zoom of gift
3 ROZOREGALIA Skull Earrings Blue and Fuschia in zoom of gift
4 Zibska Headpiece ad Eye
5 RAWR! Oxidized Horns in zoom of git
6 Damaged Society Belted Suit in zoom of git
7 YS&YS Lelutka Evox gift
8 Fallen Gods Inc. Face Tattoos and Eyes
9 alaskametro Mariposa Eyeshadow
10 RIOT Bento Angel Wings Rainbow Male and Female in zoom of gift
11 Sofia Original CW Angelina Star Gown in Pink
12 SEKA Gummy Treat
13 tarte Traveler Tapestry In zoom of gift
14 Salt & Pepper Dress and $250L Store Credit
15 HC Hopes Creations Quisha Flip Flops Gift
16 FAYDED White Wine Gift In clip of gift
17 BBX Yachts & Houses Sailboat in clip of gift
18 sau motorcycles Cyberboard in clip of gift
19 The Crosstime Garage Floor Lamp in clip of gift
20 MONOMANIA Oufit Group gift $500L GC for $50L group join fee
Frosted STORES: SL18B Frosted Region: SL18B Shop and Hop Frosted Region – Adventures in Second Life – SL Gift Description
1 Linkrave M’yar Cor Installation Artwork Scupture
2 bubble Birthday Cupcake and Birthday Balloon
3 DRD TBD Unknown
4 HANGRY Ice Cream Pint
6 .E l e i. ELEI XoXo LIpstick Genus
7 Holli Pocket Melina Slip in lace and dots
8 Phoenix Hair Tigerbow Gold Pink and Silver
9 ND/MD Spring Blossom face Tattoos
10 JUSTICE Terry Romper
11 CELESTE Bio luminescent Mushrooms
12 *PSS* Top
13 ERSCH Slip Flops
14 Envious Envy Boots
15 1313 Mockingbird Lane Flip Flops
16 Atelier Burgundy TBD unknown
17 Bad Unicorn Dart Board Gift
18 Skill Gaming Skill Gaming Bear
19 . Infiniti . Infnity pride and ice cream pose packs
20 PULSE Jazzy Dress Lara in Wine
Gilded STORES: SL18B Gilded Region: SL18B Shop and Hop Gilded Region – ( Gift Description
1 CHEZ MOI FURNITURES Sparkles Beanbag
2 Velvet Whip Archane Gazebo
3 KUNGLERS Lane Earrings
4 Morbid Emilia Dress
5 SEKAI Face Tattoo
6 Slackr Heart Top
7 MINA Hair Pride Hair
8 │T│L│C│Animals Dalmation Puppy Gift
9 Ade Mila Hairstyle Full pakcet
10 GothiCatz Tiffany Outfit
11 ::Fluffy Stuff:: Umbrella
12 LYBRA Shoes, Shirt and 2 Dresses
13 MANGULA TBD 300L Store Credit (Distributor is not working as expected)
14 star/Aphorism Jackie Dress in Marigold
15 Rapture 100L Credit using Promo Code for any item in store – it works
16 Belle Epoque Pride Bag
17 Cinoe Earrings
18 JIAN Birthday Orca
19 //ABADDON ARTS\\ Horse leg warmers
20 ZVI Top
Halcyon STORES: SL18B Halcyon Region: SL18B Shop and Hop Halcyon Region – Adventures in Second Life – SL Gift Description
1 .peaches. Yari Succulent
2 Never Totally Dead… The Abandonned Barn LImited Edition
3 Aphrodite Shop & Heart Homes Summer Lavenders
4 PoseAble & Mesh Pose
5 Pixicat Dress
6 Mirage Treasure Co. Shanghai shelf
7 Delicious Food We’re Open Artwork
8 Clockwork Bird Ring
9 Unholy Duality Pose
10 YsoraL Luxe Earrings Bluebell
11 theMARS Hair
12 MeMoire Three gifts Shoes,
14 Booty’s Beauty BOM Makeup
15 Maple Kitty Cat Plush
16 spoiled Lewdy Apple w Bento Poses
17 Son!a-Edge Mermaid Gown
18 GA.EG & Gaeline Creations Eyes
19 Pink Cream Pie Holo Leg Warmers
20 Kaithleen’s Crochet Dress Lilac
Golden STORES: SL18B Golden Region: SL Shop and Hop Golden Region – Adventures in Second Life – SL Gift Description
1 Lou Chara Chair
2 CIRCA Living Festive Ballons
3 Myth Cherry Bonsai Tree
4 MomentuM Shooting Clouds
5 Mosquito’s Way Heart Choker
6 Petit Chat PIcnic Case
7 PS Fulge Gown
8 TIS Freebie Animations
9 Artisan Eden Garden Patio
10 Fashionable Bag Store Hand bag
11 Faida Dress
12 Something New Peace In The Sun Pose
13 Fantavatar & Moonstruck Medieval Wood Fram
14 TONE 2 Eyes for EvoX and Makeup for EvoX
15 Illustrious Birthday Cake and Love is Love Nail Gift
16 QE Designs $250 Gift Card and tons of gifts!!!
17 Wicca’s Originals Rune Top
18 PaperFriends Hat and Sunglasses
19 BaDa/M.Mie Bubble Pop Top
20 ::C’est la vie !:: Sherry Bangle
Snowflake STORES: SL8B Snowflake Region: SL18B Shop and Hop Snowflake Region – ( Gift Description
1 The Home Store Wine glasses and chocolate
2 Bloom! Furniture & Decor Home Sign
3 Hayabusa Design Tree with Art Orb
4 UZME Poses 3 Fly and Jump Static Poses
5 Kali*Ma Pride Tank top, boxers and socks
6 Jack Spoon Floral Eyelashes
7 Zoom kit 6 gifts 3 ice cream cones, 1 poof, 2 vases (1 sunflower, 1 18SLB)
8 ELEMENTAL Ivy Creeper Earrings
9 Magic Party Mustache Birthday Cake
10 Gos Boutique Gold Slip on Mules
11 .:RatzCatz:. Flamingo Lamps 3 sizes
12 Nuve Ava BOM lipstick Catwa HDPro, Evo and EvoX
13 Carol G Sidarta Unisex Tattoo – Black
14 ~BBB~ Shapes Shape for Maitreya, Legacy, Kupra
15 Strutz Hoshi Cake
16 Cats Claw Designs Serious Heels Maitreya, Legacy, Belleza and Slink (Peacock)
17 The Annex Julep Jeans in LIme Maitreya Hourglass and Freya
18 Aleutia Summer Sips Collection
19 :zk:-STORE Zara Kent Magalie Set Earrings, Necklace, Bangles and Rings
20 Rosary Canary Yellow Dress
Tinseled STORES: SL18B Tinseled Region: SL18B Shop and Hop – Tinseled Region – ( Gift Description
1 [KuddelMuddel] xx TBD may not be set up yet
2 Rubedo xx Eyeshadow (BOM Layers)
3 Swear/Lapointe & Bastchild xx Tropical Sneakers for both Men and women
4 Stardust xx Shoulderblad Tattoo (Includes Rainbow, Black, and White)
5 Viena xx Colorful Lipstick (Click on the “XOXO” Tag)
6 MARKED xx 250L Gift Card
7 AfterParty xx Free Gifts: Neon Pride Flags, Rainbow Pride Neon, Neon Gift Box, Neon Pride Flag Pt. 2 9 Group Gifts (20L to join the group)
8 Culprit xx TBD may not be set up yet
9 LuluB! xxx Free Gift: Rainbow Mesh wings Group Gift: 500L Gift Card (150L Group Join)
10 Tylar’s Treasures xx Crocheted Birthday Bunny Decor
11 Broken Arrows x Tropical Place Setting
12 Yes/Sherbert xx Boho Wall Art
13 What Next xx Watermelon Beachball (holdable and Decor) and Radio (Decor Only)
14 Kyilee Luciano Poses (aka KL Poses) xx 5 Couple Poses
15 Acorn xx Make a Wish Coffee Table Book Clutter
16 Glitzz xx 500L Credit ( Click on the Pink Sign and 500L Credit will be added to your account)
17 Eternus xx Off The Shoulder Floral Top
18 Snow Rabbit xx BOM Skin ( for Snow Rabbit BOM Head Only)
19 Garbaggio xx Pumps
20 KaoS Tattoo xx Full Body Tattoo
Dahlia STORES: SL18B Dahlia Region: SL18B Shop and Hop – Dahlia Region – ( Gift Description
1 Little Bee Decorative Hanging Cloth
2 Little Diamond Black Studded Pants
3 Harshlands ???
4 Stix Skin
5 Psycho Barbie 500L Store Credit (Added to your account when touched)
6 Infinity Freight SL18B Fun-Size Semi Truck
7 Polenth’s Mushporium Mushrooms for Lanscaping Decor
8 Silvan Moon Designs Harem Outfit
9 Ghee Croc Tote Bag
10 Stargazer Horrific Eyes
11 Cerridwen’s Cauldron Nightgaunt Plushie (Holdable Animesh and Decor)
12 3rd Eye Perceptions Firefly Facelights (Comes with 5 versions)
13 Roawenwood Coventry Bed
14 Little, Big Designs Microscope
15 North Oak Rainbow Sleeping Corgi Planter
16 Rabbit House Feather Glass Earrings
17 RNK Watermelon Bikini (Maitreya Only)
18 Petrichor Moon Bindi & Snake Bikini
19 Secrets of Gaia Female Bathing Suit & Male Bathing Suit
20 Lost Junction Spiked Collar
Gleaming STORES: SL18B Gleaming Region: SL18B Shop and Hop Gleaming Region – Adventures in Second Life – SL Gift Description
1 Shu Mesh Futuristic Glasses with HUD
2 EscalateD 350L Store Credit (Added to your account when you click the sign) ~*~ Free Universal Color Hud (Works with all EscalateD hair) ~*~ Free Alfa Scalp Layers
3 Mila Eyes
4 Lunistice Colorful Skin for the Teegle Bento Avitar & all Teegle Pets
5 Poeme Wellies Rain Boots
6 Forma Nails Rainbow Nails
7 Hilted Side Tables (2 sizes) Sideboard Table
8 Half Deer PomPom Floor Pillow
9 Hopscotch Spinning Hand orb
10 TM Creation Dream With Me Pillow
11 Bumblebee Dress ~*~ 500L Gift Card
12 Lucky 7 Surfboard light
13 Kraftwork Armchair
14 My View Playground of the dead
15 Ardika Drink with Donut
16 Avec Toi Free Gift- Control Collar Group Gift- Nipple Barbels
17 Antaya 9 Group Gifts (75L to join the group) Free Gift – Ribbon choaker
18 Love Bunny Decor
19 Shutter Up Couple Pose (Watermelon Included)
20 Korpokkur House Vase and Stack of Books
Aurelian STORES: SL18B Aurelian Region: SL18B Shop and Hop Aurelian Region – ( Gift Description
1 Sassy Sweet Poses Happy Birthday Poses
2 A.D.D. Andell! Pride Arm and Chest Paint
3 Analog Dog Cat Mask and Tail
4 Ozmia Bronticorn Tattoo
5 Persefona Body Glitter, Falling Rose Petals, Ground Glitter
6 Ashbourn & Co. Commemorative Plate , Commemorative Face Tattoos (3 styles)
7 Lyrical Bizzarre Templates Hanging Cloud Frame
8 Schaden Freude Rainbow Cat Eye Glasses
9 Rumah Kita Camper, Unicorn with Balloon
10 Simply Shelby Stargazer Garden Ring
11 Decoy Crop Top
12 Tardfish Animesh Shot glass with Quarter
13 Krescendo Pig Plate
14 Bee Designs Decorative Basket with Flowers
15 Tropix Sunny Backdrop
16 Candy Kitten Pride Savage Love Dress
17 Valentina E. Kimmy Dress
18 Kawaii Couture Ice pop
19 Sheba Holo Bag
20 Wild Free Gift- Dress and Platform Shoes Group Gift- Leopard Jewelery Set (Group 100L to join)
Chickory STORES: SL18B Chickory Region: SL18B Shop and Hop Chickory Region – ( Gift Description
1 Alantori Male Hair
2 Avi-Glam Nightsky Eyes
3 Baiastice Lace Heels
4 MadPea Balloon Swing
5 Kitty Creations Hanging Swing Chair
6 Wild Kajaera Mini Mustang, Cougar
7 Mythril Poses and Halts for your Teeglepet
8 Teegle Toy Horse
9 Chimaera Rainbow Freckles (BOM Layer)
10 Moonlite Backdrops and Poses Couple Pose
11 Gabrielle Hamelin Floral Pumps
12 Amikko Fly Away Pose with Balloons
13 Mithral Apothecary Potted Plant
14 Finca Fantasy Grass
15 Dirty Rat Garden Door
16 En Pointe Decorative Skull (Natural) , Decorative Skull (Rainbow), RP Staff
17 Narcisse Patriotic Dress
18 Birth Mouth Watermelon Slice
19 Cinphul Neck and Waist chains
20 FashionNatic Wedges
Poppy STORES: SL18B Poppy Region: Sl18B Shop and Hop Poppy Region – ( Gift Description
1 Love Hair & Apparel Hair with Fantasy Hair Colors
2 The Sringer Mausoleum Mermaid Scales Eyes
3 Chop Zuey Cat Necklace and Earrings
4 Totally Wicked Male Polo Shirt
5 Adorsy Heels
6 Naa Naa’s Accessories Hoop Earrings
7 Runic Magical Unicorn
8 Body Language Full AO
9 Suicidal Unborn Septum Nose Ring, Lipstick ( for Evo X and Lelutka Evolution)
10 777 Motors Smart Car
11 Caverna Obscura Mesh Flowers ( 3 Variations)
12 Fantasy Pixel Flower Box Planters
13 Aadams 500L (Added to your account when you touch the sign)
14 Dragon Magick Wares Mandala Clock
15 Bricolage Whale Tale Book Clutter
16 Vision Strapless Dress
17 Inori Cat Paw Earrings
18 Static Cathedral Candles
19 Catnap Hydrangea Umbrella
20 Flower Dreams Dress
Lupine STORES: SL18B Lupine Region: SL18B Shop and Hop Lupine Region – ( Gift Description
1 Ohmai Kitty Floral Crowns
2 Father Birthday Sprinkle Eye Tattoo
3 Neve Nightie
4 Allasio SL18B Swimsuit for men
5 Boyberry Rainbow briefs, Boyberry Outfit, Rainbow nose butterfly
6 Secrets Belly Chain Piercing
7 Dahlia Vases
8 Jinx Sheep Companion
9 Tivoli Unisex arm and Chest Tattoo
10 Zinnias Frangipani Tree
11 Utopia Designs Booties
12 M.O.X HD Lipstick
13 Balaclava Shell Floats
14 Ink Me Japanese Scroll
15 Ever Green Card Table and Chairs
16 Ala Folie Maxie Dress
17 Stories and Co. Bikini
18 Maraschino Tortoise Shell Glasses
19 Grumble Bathing Suit, Booties
20 MiWas Turtleneck Top
Snapdragon STORES: Gift Description
1 Juna Back and Chest Tattoo
2 Venge Sparkle Telepoofer
3 American Bully Male Tank
4 Aztara face stickers
5 Tokiski Top and Pants
6 Badwolf Kraken Necklace
7 Spyfalle Glowy Tree
8 Awesome Breed Creations Lavendar Cupcake Horse
9 Soleil et Lune Face Tattoo (For the Evo X Head)
10 Solares Robo Cooler
11 Entice Earth Song Top
12 Lilith’s Den Moon Rocks
13 Ison outfit with full color HUD
14 Pitaya floor pillows
15 Soul 2 Soul Decorative Lantern Set
16 Kwaii Flower Earrings
17 Limited Addiction Free Gift: Strapless Dress 4 Group Gifts (250L to Join)
18 Tori’s Stylez Matching Female Bikini and Male Shorts
19 FAS Free Gift: Moon Typer Group Gift: Earth Pieces (0L to join the group)
20 Sweet Intoxication Male Tshirt, Female Top and Skirt, Female Dress Group Gifts: Female Dress and Bikini, Male Collared Shirt and Sweatshirt (50L to join the group)


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