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Valentine Shop and Hop 2022

Valentine Shop and Hop 2022

Video with all Gifts by Naria Panthar

Master List of all Gifts and Landmarks

Region 1 Snapdragon Region
1 Aphrodite Aprhodisiac Champagne Tray
2 Harshlands Heart Strings
3 Tachini $150 L free Credit $250L Group Credit expires Feb 19
5 Vulnus Wearable AO and Music
6 777 Motors Red Heart Golfcart
7 DPSP Raise Up
8 Culprit Banner Planes in Pink and Blue
9 Cinnamon
10 TONE 2 Euphorsyne Eyes Omega
11 WellMade Julieta Heels
12 Aurora Pink Lingerie
13 Sofia Soft Pink Gown
14 Atame Paper Heart corset
15 Clover Valentine Ghosting
16 Caboodle Colorblock Sweatshirt
17 Jinx Piglets
18 Jian Pets duckling Flower
19 X-clusives Aniamtions
20 Antelier Burgundy TBD
Region 2 Poppy Region
1 Make a Mark Japanese Booth
2 Nebur Cyborg Arm Wounds Gift
3 Poison Rouge 500L Gift Card
4 Nisa Rose with song 
5 Oh Deer
6 Rodeo Drive Maternity clothing
7 Lybra Ladies Shoes
8 Male Diction TBD
9 Allisio Valentine Briefs
10 ND/MD
11 Ambrosia Ribbon Heels
12 Bipolar Fluffly Dress
13 Flower Dreams
14 Maliefied Cat Suit fatpack and bunny mask
15 Zoom Sweater and panties, Valentine To and Top and thong
16 Fashionatic Valentine Broken Heart Necklace
17 Madras Flower Décor and Egg Décor
18 Fancy Décor XoXO Statue
19 Sparrows Nest Coral Planter
20 QE Pajamas, Heels, Sneakser, Top, Shorties, Romper, Rug, Heart Décor
Region 3 Snowflake Region
1 Knick Kacks
2 Witch in a Box No Gift Found
3 Teegle Maverick the Tennesee Walker
4 Savage Dumb Cupid
5 Ysoral Belly Ring
6 Love Hair & Apparel shoe pack distrutor not working
7 Posed Unexpected Surprise
8 BBX Design Couple Raft
9 A&D Clothing Lennon Glasses Dark Frame
10 Stringer Mausoleum Skin and Eyes
11 Rosary 500L Gift Card
12 2 Love Irina Dress
13 Valentina E Yvette Beret Cherry
14 The Reckless Angel Gnome Sweet Gnome Rug
15 Bumblebee Valentine Corset
16 Gabrielle Hamlin Valentine Stockings
17 Kohoha Spring Heart Gate
18 Tarte Nail Polish Rack
19 The Old Attic Love Tunnel
20 Dahlia Love doormat
Region 4 Golden Region
1 Runic Lyna Crystal Globe Aqua
2 Rainbow Sundae Heart Septum
3 RozorRegalia Doedel Bracelet
4 Chris Wo Designs Voice Bubble
5 Beloved Jewelry Heart Earrings
6 Mewsery Cupids Hairpin
7 Hera No Gift Found
8 Elikatira Mimi HUD
9 Maze Adored Face Kisses Tattoo
10 ADD Andel Sweetheart Tattoo
11 Little Fox 400L Giftcard – Distributor not working
12 Baiastice Hatas Dress
13 Aleutia Rosie Tattoo Set
14 Pretty Deceased ?
15 Limited Addiction Miley Dress
16 Alter Vianney Jewelry 1L Outfit and 25L Outfit
17 Avani Gift Not Found
18 Sways Mail for You Balloon
19 CBMe Silvan Moon Design Silas Figurine Gift
20 Circla Living Cupids Haven Rustic Branch
Region 5 Halcyon Region
1 TrigiGifts Love Mine Gift
2 Swear Lapointe Bastchild Ladies shoes and Mens shoes
3 Boyberry Lu Voodoo Doll FU Voodoo Doll
4 Rubedo VA Makeup Mask
5 CH Skins Freckles and Beauty Marks Evo X
6 Sweet Potatoes Love Wins Bouch Balls
7 Annex Dreams Nighthshirt Group Gift Rhoda Dress
8 Neve Top and thong gift
9 Belle Epoque Lacey Gift
10 Trend 600L Gift Card expires 11th Feb Valentine Dress & Rosen Rot Dress Gift
11 ADD Store Emily Dress
12 Hill Mini Love Cake Red and Pink
13 What Next Heart Donuts Free Gift
14 Petit Chat My Dearest Décor
15 Dictatorship Oppulence Service Trays
16 Killers Productions Happy Balloon Gift
17 Ohmai Kitty TBD
18 Friday Smith Boots
19 Aranas Love Struck 
20 Michan Tara Bracelets Gift
Region 6 Gilded Region
1 Hopscotch Love Floor Book
2 Altamura BOM Valentine Gift ladies and mens
3 GiuliaDesign Glasses Valentines Day
4 Sanjak Four boxes of artwork
5 ZK Gwen Purse
6 Lillith Miller Distributor not working Lingerie
7 Sascha Designs Bekka Red Gown
8 Addams Betina Tank Top
9 Stories & Co TBD
10 1313 Mockingbird Lane Druscilla for Heels
11 Ahroun Designs Love Earrings
12 Spruce Home Décor Spilled Sprucehearts
13 Schaden Freude Sweetheart table
14 Chez Moi Neon Lights
15 Bloom 300L Giftcard 
16 Magic Party TBD
17 Psycho Buts Robin Eyeliners Lelutka Evo
18 En Pointe Romantic Enchantment
19 Miura TBD
20 Fas Battle Horns  distributor not wor
Region 7 Frosted Region
1 Sentis Boots Sets 
2 Bonnicci Lovers Emotes
3 Ersch Crystallic Heart Choker
4 Entice Only Exception Skirt Wine
5 HolliPocket VIP Group Fee 75L Group Gift Free No S&H Gift
6 Absen Hanna Dress
7 Cwtch One Love Canvas Gift
8 Amikko Lots of Love with mouth thing
9 Acorn Homeware Distributor Not Working
10 Short Leash TBD
11 Fayded TBD Distibutor
12 Old Treasures Red Lanterns
13 Kunglers Meil Engagement Wedding Rings
14 ZOZ Gentle Gift Polish
15 Wren’s Nest Red Heart Balloon
16 Hangry Mother of Snacks Dumpling single heart cookie
17 M BdP Valentine Backdrop
18 Red Angel You Break It U Buy It Tshirt
19 Demicorn Candy Hearts Eyeshadows
20 Ives Beauty Eve Skin Lelu EvoX
21 Wild Heart Gift Hoop Earrings
Region 8 Hollyhock Region
1 Lulu Sophia Valentine Lingerie
2 Faida Estelle Love Dress
3 Poeme Damasque Valentine Cozy Sweaterdress
4 MeMOIRE Ruffle Dress and Latex Pants
5 Monomania 250L Gift Card 
6 AnaStyle TBD Not Set Up Yet
7 Fourth Wall String Lights
8 Ionic Romantic Diner Table and Chair
9 Enchanted Fantasy Cute Teddy and Heart Balloons EF Valentine
10 Pitaya Alfazema Frames
11 Lacrime Dell’anima Deluxe Ladder Décor
12 The Wimnom Cupids Mount
13 LaGyo 300L Gift Card
14 ? Valentine heart bed
15 NeverWish Neon Heart Doodle Bobbel
16 Blow-Up Bento Twist Ice Cream
17 Buy Me Poses Valentine Date Poses
18 Alantori Unisex Valentine Bracelet
19 Nuve 350L Gift Card
20 Mad Love2 Lipsticks Distributor not set up yet
Region 9 Lupine Region
1 Salesita’s Creations Dress Nonita Group Gift 300L Free Group
2 Pink Cream Pie Troi Crush Dress
3 Adorsy Vneck Tshirt
4 C’est La Vie Odell Drop Earrings
5 Pulse Red Heart Ddress
6 To.Kiski Super star dress/champagne
7 AfterParty Starry Halo, I Adore You and Afterparty Neon Corset
8 Twilight My Feeling
9 Artemis Corner Sculptures Hearts Table Décor
10 Cerridwens Cauldron GUG Sitting Burlap Edition
11 Ever Green Walking on Mirror Ball
12 Lyrical B!zzare Templates Blossom
13 Dark Mouse Magnolia Necklace and Earrings
14 Candy Bell Ribbon Rose Corsage
15 Torment My Tonton Earring
16 PlantPets Dancing Flower
17 Gaeline Handsome Boy Stand Lovely Girl Stand
18 Cheerno Sparta Chain
19 Reinvent Black Heart Longsleeve
20 Stardus magic sitting floater
Region 10 Tinseled Region Description
1 Witchcraft No gift found
2 TM Creation Pillows
3 Trompe Loiel Garden Hanging Seat
4 Famous Love Book
5 Love Superstore Falling Hearts
6 Shelby Valentine Décor Set
7 Finca Heart Curtain One soft One Shiny
8 Libertine Gift not found
9 Hanzel Five gifts – pride butterfly, pat heart, dainty heart, Hole Hearts face makeup, black Friday makeup
10 Vae Victus Aristos Vow
11 Mad Pea Sweetheart Cake
12 Mandilena TBD
13 Zenescop Queen of Shabby Hearts Crown Pack
14 Sassy Sweet Poses I like all ur posts, fav my flickr
15 YSSR skin for lelu evo x?
16 Key style
17 Fusion Dances
18 Truly Outrageous Fashion Single Taken Pizza Neon Sign
19 Vision Group Gift 400L Group Fee 18L Joanna Bodysuit
20 Ghee n Baby Ghee Valentine Pants, Valentine Baby Top

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