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Meet Me In Mallorca Adventure

What do you do when you can’t go to the beach? You head out to Drama Libre’s May 2, 2020 party at 7:00 pm and hit Mallorca in the virtual world Second Life. Grigor Kobeshimi spun the music for this amazing event under the Spanish sun in the glorious remake of a plaza and beach in Mallorca. The crystal waters and playful music kept everyone entertained and at ease. Contest winners Rinaldo, Missy and Ella brought art, suntan oil and the magic of a mirror ball to the festivities showcasing the the theme perfectly.

Below is a link to the photos from the event taken by Peachy Sassoon: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNhFC2jigHljyr-QLy-nQQbGrqHv5Ym6OwcWXx4NQ-2WfPTC23v5B4z2ZDRKWmOig?key=dnJkcExobVJ4dFFzMElIWnZYaDFucUJ6Q2d6Z05n

Below is a short video of the event.

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