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At The Ozoner Drive In Adventure

There are some locations that people visited in days gone by. Who would have thought these very locations are making a comeback in of all places Second Life. Drama Libre skillfully created the perfect virtual Drive In with an actual film playing in an SL Party on June 6, 2020. DJ Gregor Kobeshimi made sure we had the perfect thematic music throughout the night and our hosts Xerxes and Peachy made sure all guests were at complete ease and bringing their best costumes to the event. Some standouts included: Dancing Milk Duds and Hot Tamales, Dancing Coke, Dancing Movie Speakers, Rocking Car’s and riders, and lest we forget an appearance from Pebbles herself, borrowing her Dad’s car for the evening. Our Winners of the evening’s contest were Musical, Dagmar and Sands.

Peachy Sassoon served as our fearless photojournalist for the evening in the latest can’t miss album: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMCCsPqkwnCHTchnP7M99HSKqW5ZackFxvYQ1g7TDrU0aVbL_2nkvLB3fVFMQLRLw?key=U3hReEFId1NuRm03S3RBZFRyZ3pDRWE2QW10bUxR

In the meantime, for some giggles, here is a short film of the party.

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