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Golden Age of Radio Adventure

Drama Libre brings the magic of traveling through time and blends it with a virtual world. On May 23, that literally turned into a visit to the Golden Age of Radio, that included Dancing within the large scale radio and seeing luminaries of the time that included: Betty Boop, Daddy Warbucks, Little Ophan Annie, and many others in their Drama Libre best costumes. This week standouts were Merry, as the lovely Betty Boop, and Angel and Ella both in their gorgeous 40’s attire tied for 2nd place.

Photos for the evening were provided by Peachy Sassoon: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipN4JuX2d2d1HVU5OKaJhZoiCVbij2W8kL4ypS6cuEAvNPo6uuD3hAxn2iqnD5kI6w/photo/AF1QipN0vlofZr9CLqDdFgNv5jF7BLMF1eIR9qYIbKlM?key=Y1VZUTI5WlBqRmNYTllTcldvd0JFdFRVMGliU0tR.

Here is a short video of the event:

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