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This is ATG Entertainment Weekly.

Our Top Stories.

– “Yes Her”, curated by Scylla Rhiadra
– Muse Dance Co. presents Jesus Christ Superstar
– Happy news for the ATG team

Greetings and welcome to ATG Entertainment Weekly! As we dive into the 22nd week of 2023, the dynamic and ever-changing universe of Second Life never ceases to offer a ceaseless cascade of amusement and novelty.



This is ATG Entertainment Weekly.

I am Lilly Anne Smith.
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Our Top Stories.

– “Yes Her”, curated by Scylla Rhiadra
– Muse Dance Co. presents Jesus Christ Superstar
– Happy news for the ATG team

Greetings and welcome to ATG Entertainment Weekly! As we dive into the 22nd week of 2023, the dynamic and ever-changing universe of Second Life never ceases to offer a ceaseless cascade of amusement and novelty.

Intolerance based on gender, ethnicity, religion, and sexuality is an ongoing issue that continues to affect individuals and societies.
In the modern age, this rise of intolerance is concerning on multiple levels.
Basic rights for women in supposedly free societies are under threat, while politically-motivated “otherism” fuels discrimination and violence.
The positive reinforcement that repressive regimes receive from intolerant views expressed by influential figures adds to the gravity of the situation.
However, amidst this toxic atmosphere, there are glimmers of hope.
The art exhibition “Yes Her,” curated by Scylla Rhiadra, takes a stand for women’s rights, celebrating their strength and affirmation.
Artists like Laurel Aurelia, Suki Blossom, and Eva Knoller contribute to this powerful exhibition, reminding us that women deserve respect and autonomy.
Beyond its focus on womanhood, “Yes Her” also speaks out against all forms of intolerance and toxic behavior, offering encouragement to marginalized individuals.
It serves as a reminder that, regardless of differences in gender, sexuality, ethnicity, or religion, we are all part of the same humanity.
As we enter Pride Month, this exhibition resonates even more, advocating for LGBTQ+ rights and promoting tolerance.
Experience the transformative power of “Yes Her” and join the movement toward a more inclusive and accepting society.

Presenting a captivating exhibition by artist Kayly Iali, known for her impressionist style and use of watercolors and oils, showcased within Kultivate Magazine’s Loft Gallery in Second Life.
With a focus on landscape art, Kayly’s collection features twenty stunning pieces primarily inspired by various locations in her home state of California.
From the iconic landmarks of San Francisco to the captivating “causeway” paintings and the paired artwork titled “Vacaville,” each painting is a testament to her talent.
While most of her works adhere to the impressionist style, the “San Francisco trio” stands out with its abstract elements.
What makes this exhibition particularly intriguing is the seamless connection between the physical and virtual worlds.
These beautiful artworks not only captivate viewers but also serve as a bridge, reminding us of the intricate relationship between our physical and digital realms.
Whether in the physical world or within the virtual realm of Second Life, these captivating pieces will undoubtedly enhance any art enthusiast’s collection.

Muse Dance Co. presents an electrifying revival of Jesus Christ Superstar in Second Life, blending contemporary dance with Andrew Lloyd Webber’s award-winning music and Tim Rice’s evocative lyrics.
Directed by Anu Papp, this modern reinterpretation promises a fresh take on the timeless classic.
On June 25 at 9 am SLT, experience the magic as Muse Dance Co. transports you to a world where passion, talent, and creativity collide.
Don’t miss this extraordinary performance that pushes the boundaries of dance in Second Life.

Coming up this Saturday, gear up for an exciting weekly adventure with the Grid Drive group excursion.
Participants are welcome at two convenient start times, 11:30 AM and midnight. Meet fellow adventurers at the ‘Get The Freight Out’ hub, situated in Headquarters 2 at De Campion, and let the Navigation Hud lead you on this extraordinary journey.
This event is proudly supported by the Canary Project, a dedicated initiative aimed at preserving the breathtaking waterscapes of Nautilus, Corsica, and the Blake Sea.
Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity for an unforgettable exploration!

Don’t miss “A Child’s Journey Through Cancer: The Musical” on Monday, June 5th at 6:30 PM at the Lilith Theater in Second Life.
This powerful production, conceived and choreographed by Patty Flow with musical assistance from Kayla Flow, tells the story of a child’s courageous battle with cancer through music and dance.
Join the talented cast, including the entire Flow family, Sienna Thor, and the singing voice of MrMikie String, as they take you on an emotional journey filled with fear, joy, and hope.
Witness the four acts set in different locations, from a fun-filled park to a doctor’s office, a hospital, and back to the park again.
Special thanks to MrMikie String for his unique performance of “The Impossible Dream” and Sienna Thor for providing the venue and treats.
Don’t miss this extraordinary celebration of resilience and friendship.

The Second Life Endowment for the Arts regions are hosting an engaging exhibit called “A Dark Star,” meticulously crafted by acclaimed designer, Gem Preiz.
This exhibit is the third in a series of three installations presented during the first half of 2023, integrating the vivid colors from “Lines of Lights” and the structure’s shape from “Color & Glow,” which are also exhibited on the same site.
Visitors to “A Dark Star” experience an intricate three-dimensional construction set within an unbounded 3D universe, adorned with glowing lines and surrounded by orbiting elements.
Gem Preiz, the artist behind the exhibit, explains how “A Dark Star” encapsulates the essence of the preceding installations, “Color and Glow” and “Lines of Light.”
With a long-standing history of exhibiting fractals in SL and evolving towards predominantly showcasing constructions utilizing reflections, lights, and highlighting, Preiz’s work doesn’t seek to convey a specific meaning, but rather to deliver a visually pleasing experience.
To maximize immersion, he prefers to build sim-wide environments that often extend beyond sim boundaries.
Among his previous creations are various fractals exhibitions, several LEA grants, and sim-wide builds like skyscrapers, a modern city model, a neoclassical city, a space station, and a base on an exoplanet.

Tune in this Thursday at 6 PM when the Second Life Cheerleader Squad lights up the Srooc Skytower Stadium at Cheertopia with an open practice session. Open to everyone, regardless of experience or background, this captivating event offers an uncommon opportunity to witness the squad’s high-energy performance firsthand.
It’s all part of their mission to spread joy and positivity throughout the Second Life community.
Don’t miss this thrilling and heartening display of spirit!

The Teegle Community and the broader SL Equestrian Community are set to benefit from the revival of the ‘Places to Ride’ list, initially curated by Cerdwin Flanagan.
Serving as an invaluable resource, this list presents a selection of riding locations, each with unique offerings. However, a few points should be noted before delving into these.
First and foremost, this list was initially Flanagan’s personal endeavor and remains unaffiliated with any place, creator, or group.
For those interested in making additions, suggestions, or alterations to the listing, reaching out directly is encouraged.
Secondly, maintaining these locales requires substantial funding.
As such, many of them feature donation areas to help offset land fees.
Donations are not only appreciated, but also essential for the continuity of these unique riding locations, so giving any amount to help keep them open is highly encouraged.
Lastly, visitors are urged to adhere to the guidelines of these locations, showcasing respect for their environment.
After all, without these places, the options for riding would be severely limited.
The list begins with ‘Places to Ride,’ followed by ‘Equestrian Centers’.

On May 26th, the Artsville Galleries and Community, under the direction of Frank Atisso, unveiled the poignant exhibit, Invisible Cities: The Future in the Present Overflows, by the artist Debora Kaz.
This installment, a continuation of Kaz’s Invisible Cities series, delves into the societal implications and lasting consequences of violence, in all its forms, whether visible or invisible, physical or mental.
Kaz’s exhibit highlights past, present, and future narratives marked by violence from childhood, advocating for the importance of discussing these stories as a means of healing, surviving, and protecting.
However, to fully appreciate the exhibit, viewers are advised to enable the local environment settings and Advanced Lighting Model (ALM) for optimal viewing.
Kaz’s installation spans multiple levels, interconnected by a teleport system symbolized by an atom-like structure. On the uppermost level, representing the past, are dioramas portraying a father-daughter dynamic, subtly hinting at the possibility of control and subjugation masked as affection.
The lances extending from these bubbles to the lower levels symbolize the pervasive impact of childhood violence.
The mid and lower levels, reflecting the present and future, showcase a house riddled with fear, metaphorically representing both the sanctuary and the prison that a home can be for victims of prolonged violence.
Kaz’s exhibition underscores the need for solidarity, understanding, and love in our increasingly polarized society, challenging the normalization of violence and urging a more empathetic approach towards those affected by it.

And now, for Kat’s Picks of the Week:

eClipse club & Resort
DJ Iniry Freestyle 80s & 90s Saturday, June 3 7:00 pm
DJ Cale Guardians Night Sunday, June 4 7:00 pm
DJ Admiral New Wave Monday, June 5 9:0 pm
DJ Tiger Hitting the Road New York June 6 7:00 pm
DJ JAdmiral Disco Tuesday Night June 6 9:00 pm
DJ Tiger Decades Thursday June 8 9:00 pm
DJ Momma Den of Sin Friday June 9 7:00 pm
The Tiger & Rhosie Show Friday June 9 9:00 pm
Drama Libre Presents
Summer Camp June 3 7:00 – 10:00 pm

We at ATG are thrilled to announce that our beloved sports presenter, Tsukino Suki, is set to exchange SL vows with the charming MachaCult on June 11th.
Our ATG family extends heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to the couple on this joyous occasion.
We express our utmost happiness for Suki and MachaCult as they embark on this beautiful journey of togetherness.
May their life be filled with shared smiles, endless love, and enduring companionship.
Cheers to a wonderful wedding and a lifetime of happiness!

Thank you for watching ATG Entertainment Weekly.
Live the Grid Experience!

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