ATG Entertainment Weekly – Week 10

ATG Entertainment Weekly – Week 10

ATG Entertainment Weekly – Week 10

Our Top Stories..

– Second Life Endowment for the Arts 8 opens this Sunday
– Miss Second Life 2023 Second Runway Challenge took place
– New Art exhibitions opening across the Grid

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This is ATG Entertainment Weekly.

I am Lilly Anne Smith.
I am Zack Haiku.
I am Katheryn Llewellyn.

Our Top Stories..

– Second Life Endowment for the Arts 8 opens this Sunday
– Miss Second Life 2023 Second Runway Challenge took place
– New Art exhibitions opening across the Grid

Welcome to ATG Entertainment Weekly.
Second Life entertainment continues on this 10th week of 2023.

The upcoming opening event of the “COLOR & GLOW” installation, by Gem Preiz, will happen on March 12th, at 1 pm SLT. Delain Canucci will be providing live music for the occasion.

“COLOR & GLOW” is the second of three installations that will be displayed on SLEA 3 full sim grant during the first half of 2023. It builds upon Gem Preiz’s previous work “LINES of LIGHT,” which is currently on display at the same Sim.

The new installation features 12 colorful scenes that alternate every 5 minutes in a loop, adding dynamism and movement to the space. Fans of Gem’s work might notice connections with some elements of previous installations, such as “Elusive Reality,” “Borderless,” and “The Anthropic Principle.”

To fully experience the installation, we recommend setting your graphics to High or Ultra, turning on the advanced lighting model (no shadow necessary), using the Shared environment windlight, and keeping a distance of over 512 meters.

Please note that the SLEA experience must be accepted, and while particles will not be used in this installation, they may be present during the opening event and in subsequent installations.

Enjoy the energetic and colorful scenery of “COLOR & GLOW” at the upcoming opening event!

Les Fleurs du mal, which is currently being hosted on a sky platform at the Onceagain Gallery, is an exhibition featuring images by Celestial Demon, and is curated by Onceagain’s very own Manoji Yachvili.

The exhibition is unique in that its title seems to be at odds with its intention to pay homage to women, which has piqued the curiosity of many.

The sky platform has been beautifully transformed into a garden, with a small modern building sitting in the center of what appears to be a meadow. There are six display areas, each featuring two images of women presented with floral surrounds, which may have been part of the original set or added during post-processing.

Visitors can access Les Fleurs by selecting it after clicking the teleport disk at the entrance to the Onceagain gallery. The building-within-a-building of the garden platform acts as a central introduction and hub for exploring the six pairs of images.

On the wall, in both English and Italian, can be found a charming dedication for the installation, which pays tribute to women who have overcome adversity to flourish and blossom into a smile despite the darkest nights.

The exhibition is a visual dedication to women, with each of the 12 presented pieces available for purchase on a limited basis.

The images are eloquent and captivating, featuring graceful posing, a degree of soft focus through depth of field, and a plain white background with a gentle suggestion of shadow. Each image is accompanied by more words, expressing the character and nature of the individual featured.

Les Fleurs is set within a location in keeping with the ideas of reverence and dedication, with a garden visitors can wander in silence and come upon each pair of images and their words free from the distractions of surrounding pieces.

It’s a poetic and graceful exhibition, showcasing the talents of a gifted visual storyteller. We highly recommend checking it out if you have the chance.

The grand opening of Second LIfe Endowment for the Arts 8 will take place on unday, March 12 at 2pm SLT, featuring the talented artist GuiltyAngel Rhapsody and his team of Rebel Yell performers.

Rebel Yell Concerts, established in 2012, is the largest entertainment tribute company in SL with over 4,400 members in the SL group and thousands more on subscribe o’matic and social media.

This diverse team of 44 performers hails from all over the world, including the USA, Italy, UK, Belgium, Denmark, Russia, France, Germany, Sweden, Romania, Brazil, Mexico, and Turkey.

They specialize in realistic tribute shows, productions, and stage musicals, and have won numerous awards for their outstanding work.

Their latest production, “The Greatest Showman,” is set to be one of the greatest spectacles yet.

This American biographical musical film tells the story of P.T. Barnum, a famous showman and entertainer, and his creation of the Barnum & Bailey Circus and the lives of its star attractions.

This staged version of the show doesn’t exist, making it a big challenge for GuiltyAngel Rhapsody and his team to adapt the story, scenography, and choreographies for the stage.

This production focuses on diversity and inclusion, with breathtaking music and a magical atmosphere that makes it one of the best movies of all time.

Don’t miss your chance to catch the Rebel Yell production of “The Greatest Showman” on Sunday, March 12 at 2pm SLT on SLEA 8.

There is a new installation at the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery. Yann Gyro’s latest work, “Transcend Struggle”, is a combined 2D and 3D installation that focuses on his personal experience with his mother’s diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer.

This deeply moving installation portrays Yann’s love for his mother and his wish to support her through her diagnosis and treatment, as well as to honor her memory and strength.

Metastatic breast cancer is a stage VI cancer where the cancer cells have spread beyond the axillary lymph nodes to distant sites in the body. Treatments can be debilitating, and unfortunately, there is no cure.

Yann’s images and sculptures in “Transcend Struggle” powerfully convey the message of living with a terminal cancer and its treatment regimes. Yann’s poem supports the pictures and sculptures, adding eloquence and depth to the installation.

“Transcend Struggle” is a beautiful outflow of love that can be appreciated by all, regardless of their experience with cancer. The installation shines a light on the darkness of fear and silence that cancer loves to hide in.

It allows for strength and love to be shared as we face the challenge of cancer. This installation is a must-visit, as the images, sculptures, and words need to be experienced first-hand.

Meela Vanderbuilt, a popular Second Life YouTuber, has closed her Monarchy Strip club after previously closing her Monarchy Mall a few months ago.

The club was established in 2012 as a flexible space for events and a commitment-free environment. Although she stopped dancing there in 2017/2018, she kept the club running under management.

Meela’s YouTube channel, which began in 2016 with music videos for the club, grew beyond Monarchy’s scope, and sponsors to the club declined.

Despite the club’s closure, Meela remains active on YouTube with over 70,000 subscribers and a reputation as an influential Second Life YouTuber.

Last week, we introduced the Second Life Video Creators Group Director Showcase for March 2023, but we introduced the wrong director. We would like to extend our sincerest apologies to our community for any confusion this may have caused.

After a correction from Loz, the correct Director Showcase for March 2023 is Yanna Snow. Yanna is a talented creator who has been producing SL content since September of 2021.

From the moment she entered the Second Life community, Yanna hit the ground running with her amazing vlog work.

Yanna’s skills extend beyond video creation to photography. She has been recognized multiple times for pic of the day, demonstrating great proficiency in both mediums.

Yanna is an intensely private person who showcases her emotions through her videos. Her ability to convey complex emotions in her work is a testament to her artistic vision and her commitment to creating high-quality content.

We are thrilled SLVC has introduced Yanna Snow as their Director Showcase for March 2023. We believe that her work will inspire and captivate our community, and we encourage everyone to take a moment to explore her creations.

The Miss SL 2023 competition’s second runway challenge draws inspiration from International Women’s Day, urging all participants to focus on the challenges women and all genders face in terms of equality and equity in their respective countries.

They are also encouraged to highlight notable efforts by women and organizations to promote equity for everyone.

Participants are reminded to familiarize themselves with color blocking, appropriate walks, and poses, including a 360-degree turn and curtain pose.

Rehearsals for the Second Runway Challenge took place on March 10th at 10 AM and 5 PM Second Life Time.

The weekly group drive organized by Grid Drive is slated for Saturday, with two different start times: 11:30 AM and midnight. Interested drivers who wish to easily locate the starting point for the drive can access the Navigation Hud at the Get The Freight Out hub located in Brussac Bay.

This thrilling group drive is proudly supported by The Canary Project, a dedicated organization that patrols and monitors the regions of Nautilus, Corsica, and Blake Sea to identify and report any issues.

As a winning prize for taking part in the event, drivers have the opportunity to receive a custom-made sailboat, thereby enhancing the excitement and enjoyment of the activity.

Don’t miss out on this exceptional chance to join other enthusiasts for a remarkable adventure on the open waters.

A public practice session has been organized by the Second Life Cheerleader Squad, scheduled to be held at the Srooc Skytower Stadium in Cheertopia on Thursday at 6 PM.
It is important to note that this event is open to everyone, and those who wish to attend are warmly welcomed.

And now, for Kat’s Picks of the Week:

Thank you for watching ATG Entertainment Weekly.
Live the Grid Experience!

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