ATG Sports Plus – Week 12

ATG Sports Plus – Week 12

ATG Sports Plus

Our highlights this show:

– Carmona Endurance wins at the Anubis Heart circuit
– Morticia Villota wins Season 13 of the SRL Indypro Series
– ValkRein takes the win at the Cycling Alpine Challenge



Welcome to ATG Sports Plus.
Our highlights this show:

– Carmona Endurance wins at the Anubis Heart circuit
– Morticia Villota wins Season 13 of the SRL Indypro Series
– ValkRein takes the win at the Cycling Alpine Challenge

Hello and welcome to ATG Sports Plus.
I am Tsukino Tsu.
I am Zack Haiku.

At the thrilling FVA GTSE event, Carmona Endurance emerged victorious at the challenging Anubis Heart circuit, with Grind Endurance and Husaria Racing securing second and third place on the podium, respectively.
The qualifiers saw an intense battle among the drivers, with Sigma Endurance’s Eli Benett clinching the pole position, followed closely by Valky Rein of Grind Endurance in second and Asdrea Snakan of Carmona Endurance securing the third spot.
Rounding out the top six were Jerry Stroller of TSEndurance in fourth, Pasta Lopes of Husaria Racing in fifth, and Becky Aker representing Team Spirit Racing in sixth.
Spectators were treated to a high-octane display of skill and strategy as these talented drivers pushed their machines to the limit in pursuit of glory.

Aaron Robbins emerged victorious at the Hall of Fame Speedway on Monday night, concluding Season 13 of the SRL Indypro series with an exciting race.
Morticia Vilotta, who started from the pole position and clocked the fastest lap, secured second place, while Donovan Michalski completed the podium in third.
The rest of the rankings were as follows: Anakynn Topaz in fourth, Taylor Aerallo in fifth, Roaddogg Lagan in sixth, Becky Aker in seventh, Kristina Curtau (DNF) in eighth, James Venus in ninth, Capi in tenth, Umbreon Viper (DNF) in eleventh, and ValkRein (DNF) in twelfth place.
Morticia Vilotta has won Season 13 with 455 Championship points.
Taylor Aerallo is second with 425 Championship points, and Donovan Michalski is third with 371 Championship points.

The FVA GP1 2023a season is set to host the exhilarating United States Grand Prix on March 26th at 11AM, taking place at the stunning Sun Beach Street Circuit within the LC Racing Circuits complex.
This high-octane event marks Round 4 of the championship, featuring 65 adrenaline-pumping laps around the challenging 7-corner circuit that is sure to keep both drivers and spectators on the edge of their seats.
Fans will be eagerly watching to see if any competitor can break the previous lap record set by the talented Valky Rein during the 2022b season, adding another layer of excitement to this highly-anticipated race.

The thrilling FVA GP2 Round 4 at Sun Beach, LC Racing Circuits delivered an electrifying display of high-octane competition.
In the first race, Emmy Bloobury emerged victorious, with Eli Benett and Valky Rein securing second and third places, respectively.
The second race saw Jesus Crisp seize the top spot on the podium, closely trailed by Nicole Dallas and Kandy Tomorrow.
As the dust settled, Nicole Dallas took the championship lead with a total of 72 points, followed by Kandy Tomorrow at 70 points, and Pasta Lopez nipping at their heels with 69 points.
Fans eagerly anticipate the next round, as the battle for supremacy in the FVA GP2 series heats up.

Hey Second Life Wrestling enthusiasts! Get ready for an electrifying week of events featuring some of the finest virtual wrestlers in the world.
Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store:

On Sunday, the Over the Edge Wrestling (OEW) kicks off with IMMORTALITY at 9 AM, featuring Superstar BJ OHare and Tank Ventura competing in a Diamond Sands Championship match.
Monkeen Dysheen defends his Hardcore Title against Skillex, while a six-man battle determines the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.
Also, Lilith takes on Black Ops Brie, and Luca goes against Paul Slater and Lex Umaga.
Plus, Gideon Ozul seeks a chance to challenge Vex, and the OEW Women’s World Championship features a Triple Threat Match with Honey Potts defending her title against Nina Prater and Moma T.

Starting at 4 PM SLT on Sunday, PRO WRESTLING GRAND-PRIX presents PWGP DREAM, with matches between Nezura and “Big Momma” Moma T, and Jack Campion versus Josh Poffo.
At 7 PM, catch United Furry Wrestling (UFW) Frontline at Furzona.

Monday brings UFW Unbroken at Furzona, beginning at 5 PM.

Tuesday delivers intense clashes, starting with Battle Championship Wrestling (BCW) Battlezone at The Old Mill at 3 PM, followed by Premier Unplugged in New Haven at 4 PM.
At 6 PM, Honor Pro Wrestling Infinity takes place at the Evergarden Civic Center, featuring Lindsay Lydia’s return to the ring and other thrilling matchups.

On Wednesday, VALIANT Wrestling Flashpoint takes place at The Surge Stadium at 6 PM.
Thursday brings BCW Chaos at The Pemberley Theatre at 4 PM, followed by Decibel Anthro Wrestling’s DAW Crossfade at the Tune! Music Lounge at 6 PM.

Friday offers a triple-header, with Digital Championship Wrestling Federation Slam City at 2 PM, followed by VWE Defiance at the City of Gold Arena at 6 PM, where Danni goes one-on-one with Karen Wilson while Nyle Nightfire takes on Victor Kessle in a King of the Arena Qualifying match.
Additionally, Rachel Celeste defends her Women’s National Championship title against Bella Delina, and the Diamond Club faces off against the Karsin Bros in a three-on-three tag match.
And finally, don’t miss the main event, which is a special World Championship Contract Signing featuring Maxwell Ryan!
The night ends with UFW Nightfall in Furzona at 8 PM.

On Saturday, PWGP: RISEN takes place at the Saitama Sportatorium at 12 PM, followed by Premier Unplugged at the Unicorn Garden at 1 PM.
At 6 PM, don’t miss Women’s Pro Wrestling Federation (WPWF) Asylum at the Underground Arena.

And don’t forget to mark your calendars for Over The Edge IMMORTALITY on March 26th at 9 AM.

Prepare for a jam-packed week of high-octane wrestling action, featuring some of the most skilled virtual wrestlers in Second Life. Don’t miss out on any of the events!

Professional wrestling enthusiasts had an eventful week filled with exhilarating matches and memorable moments across various promotions.

VWE Friday Night Defiance on March 25th was action-packed with intense matches, backstage drama, and interviews.
As the wrestlers geared up for the upcoming Kingdom Come event, the night kicked off with Yukitama Ryokuko defeating the Amazon Nadie.

National Champion Nyle Nightfire lost his title to Dominick Karsin in a controversial match, while Women’s World Champion Tracy Stollings and Samantha Foxy narrowly won against Lady Death and Roahm Whitesong amid tension.
Braden Karsin and his brothers attacked Austin Knight, leading to Brakman Wylder stepping in and advancing to King of the Arena.

The main event, a 20-minute Iron Woman match between Becky and Brooke Owens, ended in a tie with both fighters advancing to Queen of the Arena.
Fans were left eager for the next VWE event.

At WPWF Asylum, the first match saw FoxyBeth Ann defeat Moma T, with her Vicious Vixens partner Mazra Baxton and mascot Kitty cheering her on at ringside.
Moma T didn’t hold back, delivering a Bayou beating to FoxyBeth. However, FoxyBeth demonstrated her toughness and managed to turn the tide in her favor with a well-timed momentum shift, securing a 1-2-3 victory.
Following the match, a video showed Koi undergoing a grueling “workout regime” instructed by Rie Kurihara, who continued to torment the alien.

The second match featured Cassidy Sinq Novella facing off against “The Wildcat” Mazra Baxton.
FoxyBeth and Kitty accompanied Mazra, while Cassidy was supported by her Cyberneers partner Abigail Katzu.
Before the match, Mazra called out Rie Kurihara, vowing to inflict 20 times the pain she had caused her wife, Koi Kiyori.
The Sirens Rising Champion, Lia Duffield, watched the match closely, likely keeping an eye on number one contender Cassidy.
Despite some distractions, Cassidy managed to secure a pinfall win with a well-timed Moonsault Plancha.
Afterward, Kenia Escarlata confronted Karma Starr about her cheating in their match the previous week. Karma dismissed the accusation, arguing that honor was pointless, and challenged Kenia to prove herself worthy of a rematch by facing the toughest Siren.

In the third match, Katie “Motherfucking” Carter defeated Venna “The Kraken” Gutþiuda via countout. Katie’s flying strikes gave her the advantage, but Venna demonstrated tenacity in the second half of the match. The fight took an unexpected turn when Chiyoko appeared and kidnapped Venna’s pet octopus, prompting Venna to abandon the match and chase after her.

The main event featured a non-title Champion vs Champion match between Natalie Sonnen, one half of the WPWF Tag Team champions, and Rena Kadoya, the World Champion. The two competitors showed no love lost, exchanging strikes, kicks, holds, and lockups. The action intensified as they brawled outside the ring, taking advantage of the Japanese-style 20-count rule. Rena’s tag partner, Maya Araya, intervened with a distraction, allowing Rena to capitalize and secure victory with her finishing move.

On March 25th, 2023, ValkRein won the SLCF Alpine Challenge, with NicuTzi in second and Cartor94 in third.
The race involved ten laps of a hill circuit and was a thrilling test of endurance and skill.
The riders faced steep climbs and sharp turns, making each lap a new challenge.
Congratulations to all finishers for their impressive performances.
The event was a great success and a testament to the skill and determination of the riders.
Everyone is looking forward to the next race.

This has been ATG Sports Plus.
Don’t forget to keep the ball rolling on the virtual field!

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