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ATG Grid News – Week 13

ATG Grid News – Week 13

Our top stories on ATG Grid News this week:

– New Avatars and Linden Lab NUX project
– Second Life Updates to Scripted Agents Policy
– Second Life University is back

ATG Grid News – Week 13



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Our top stories:

– New Avatars and Linden Lab NUX project
– Second Life Updates to Scripted Agents Policy
– Second Life University is back

Hello and welcome to ATG Grid News

Linden Lab is currently focused on improving the user on-boarding experience for new users entering Second Life for the first time.
This effort includes the creation of new “full mesh” avatars, consisting of one piece (head, body, hands, and feet) that can be paired with a wide range of clothing and accessories.
These avatars were showcased at SL19B and are expected to provide a smoother and more intuitive experience for new users.
The NUX process will involve various changes, such as enhancing the web-based on-boarding process and introducing viewer-side modifications to make it easier for new users to get started with Second Life.
The first stage of this process will likely focus on revamping the sign-up workflow and web-based on-boarding process, enabling new users to select one of the new avatars and customize them without having to navigate the complexities of using the Inventory feature within the viewer.
The second stage of this effort will concentrate on simplifying the avatar customization process within the viewer, with the aim of making it more user-friendly.
Linden Lab hopes that the third-party viewer community will also build on this work to further enhance the user experience.

Linden Lab has successfully addressed the concern of many subscribers and users by updating their scripted agents policy.
Policy posted in this video description.
In addition to that, LL has deployed a new feature to enable Estate-level access management of scripted agents.
Deployment was last Wednesday and a new flag was added to prevent identified scripted agent accounts from entering a region that has been added to all regions.
As stated directly from Featured News:
“When deny_bots is ON, all scripted agents that are not explicitly listed in the estate’s Allowed Access list will be denied access to all of the regions within the Estate.
Scripted agents that have Estate Manager privileges for an estate will also be able to access regions inside the estate, regardless of the estate’s deny_bots setting.
When deny_bots is OFF, scripted agents are treated the same as any other avatar with regard to estate access.
Details on using this new setting can be found here. You will need to download the latest version of the official Second Life Viewer to manage access on your estate through the Region/Estate floater – or you can use the Region Debug Console (available on the Develop menu) on any viewer.”

Second Life University is back with a 14 minute video to support all users with the Environmental Enhancement Project (EEP) settings in Second Life created by Boston Blaisedale.
For many users, especially those who blog and create machinima, this can prove useful and be one of the key ways to improve and give a more realistic look to created images and video.
Although the tutorial showcases the Second Life viewer.
Several pieces of information contained within it, correspond with third party viewers like Firestorm.
Some of the key
highlights of the video are: basic and advance settings, creating your own settings and environments, how to purchase and apply purchased environments and even encourages users to create their own for potential sale.

Alexa Linden broke the news this past Monday that the Second Life Marketplace has add some cool new defaults for search.
Now all Marketplace stores are Sorting by: Age: Newest First.
And for those of you, like me, who love to shop and have a habit of filling your cart, it’s time to get excited because our previous limit was 10 items maximum and that has now been fully modified to, dig this, 99!


This has been ATG Grid News.
Enjoy the grid!

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