ATG Entertainment Weekly – Week 13

ATG Entertainment Weekly – Week 13

Our Top Stories..

– Fantasy Faire opening in late April
– Psygallery with a double feature.
– Tomato Productions presents RESILIENT RED-X LEVEL 4

Welcome to ATG Entertainment Weekly.
Second Life entertainment continues on this 13th week of 2023.

ATG Entertainment Weekly – Week 13



This is ATG Entertainment Weekly.

I am Lilly Anne Smith.
I am Zack Haiku.
I am Katheryn Llewellyn.

Our Top Stories..

– Fantasy Faire opening in late April
– Psygallery with a double feature.
– Tomato Productions presents RESILIENT RED-X LEVEL 4

Welcome to ATG Entertainment Weekly.
Second Life entertainment continues on this 13th week of 2023.

Fantasy Faire is set to happen April 20 – May 7, 2023 with the theme Many Realms – One Vision.
Sponsors/Merchants and Bloggers can still apply to participate at this amazing event.
Celebrating its fifteenth year, Fantasy Faire 2023 is the largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts, roleplayers and performers in the virtual world.
From Thursday, April 20 to Sunday May 7, treat yourself to shopping, dance and theater performances, DJ parties, auctions, questing, our Literary Festival, fantasy art, events and roleplaying as thousands of Second Life residents and creators bring their own visions together to support the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer.

At Psygallery, Twister Grut recently curated two distinct yet complementary exhibitions by renowned Second Life artists, Ilyra Chardin and Deyanira Yalin.
Ilyra’s Once Upon a Where showcases her original paintings, reproduced in-world, encapsulating the essence of fairy tales, stories, and flights of the imagination.
Deyanira’s Col-or-ing, accessible via a teleport board, features a vivid and diverse selection of images, all connected through their striking narrative content and sheer beauty.
Both exhibitions celebrate the power of visual storytelling through mesmerizing and captivating art, inviting visitors to explore the depths of their imagination and the narratives hidden within each piece.

Don’t miss out on Grid Drive’s exhilarating weekly group drive this Saturday, offering two convenient start times at 11:30 AM and midnight.
Make your way to the Get The Freight Out hub in Headquarters 2 at De Campion, where the Navigation Hud will guide you to the starting point.
With the steadfast support of The Canary Project, who make sure you can cruise through the picturesque regions of Nautilus, Corsica, and Blake Sea worry-free.
So, gear up and join for a captivating adventure on the road!

I am Second Life Exhibition is opening today, April 1, 2023 and will run to June 30, 2023. After an exciting casting call, many responded to be photographed for the exhibition and our very own, Lilly Anne Smith, is one of the luminaries chosen. In this series, the artrist wanted to capture the art of buildling one’s self from scratch. The exhibition is slated to focus on how residents create their form and also the magic of the skins , beauty marks, makeup, hair, piercings and other items that make each of us unique. The opening event starts at 2:00 pm with entertaiment from DJ Duke and then a continuing set at 6:00 pm with DJ Dark.

April 1st brings us the Hanami Festival in Oishii City.
Starting at 2:00 pm with DJ Zack, then Maddie at 4:00 pm, Dolly at 6:00 pm and Bai at 7:00, with a Fireworks and Dancers from 8:00 pm onwards.

Tomato Productions has another amazing Second Life Film Premiere and wants you to know you are invited, too!
RESILIENT RED-X LEVEL 4 will debut April 4, 2023 at 1-2 PM Second Life Time.
Feel free to come as you are.
For those of you on the net that cannot be inworld, join them on Discord at 3:00 pm slt or on Facebook via livestream at 4:00 PM Second Life Time.

Lex Machine (Archetype11 Nova) returns with Saturated, a visually stunning and thought-provoking installation set on a Full private region with a Land Capacity bonus.
This surreal landscape features waterlogged terrain, populated by a mix of familiar and peculiar objects, statues, and figures, representing the increasing reliance on and addiction to technology.
The installation captures the polarizations of our technologically driven lives, showcasing how we both expose and hide ourselves through digital platforms.
Through a rich array of metaphors and symbols, Saturated explores themes like surveillance, the spread of misinformation, and the erosion of innocence.
Ultimately, this immersive experience is best understood by visiting and engaging with the installation personally, rather than simply reading about it.

Join the Second Life Cheerleader Squad for an open practice session this Thursday at 6 PM, taking place at the Srooc Skytower Stadium in Cheertopia.
The event welcomes everyone, irrespective of their experience or background.
Seize this chance to witness the cheerleaders’ dynamic performance and show your support for their mission to foster happiness and optimism within the Second Life community.

Four of the top ten Relay teams have donated over one million Linden.
Seekers of Hope, The River of Life, and Camping For A Cure have achieved Diamond-level fundraising, with donations exceeding 1,793,000L, 1,812,000L, and 2,074,000L, respectively.
TAP – The Adult Partnership secured the top position with over 2,694,000L, equivalent to over $10,776 USD, and has achieved Crimson-level fundraising status.
One More Light is in fifth place with over 911,000L, followed by Team ES with over 586,000L in Jade rank.
The Cure Chasers secured the seventh position with over 535,000L, followed by Team ACTS with over 530,000L, the Playdolls with over 513,000L, and the Sunbeamers who achieved the highest rank among Platinum teams with over 457,000L.
Additionally, the Relay Rockers (15) and the Steelhead Salmons (19) achieved Platinum rank. Roos With A Dream, The Second Life Cheerleading Squad, Purple Tears, and Harmony For Hope are among the Gold ranked teams, while Relay for Christ, Team Bonanza, Burners Without Borders, and Meli’s Maniacs achieved Silver rank.
Let’s cheer for all these teams and their efforts to support Relay!

Hello Spring, an ensemble exhibition at Galerie L’autre Monde curated by Lady Anais (Anais Yuhara), showcases the work of seven artists celebrating the arrival of spring through real-world photography and digital artistry.
Set in a captivating gallery space featuring partially demolished buildings and scattered human habitation remnants, the exhibition features artists TerraMerhyem, Rage Darkstone, Hermes Kondor, Tutsy Navarathna, Lalie Sorbet, Nils Urqhart, and Deyanira Yalin.
Each artist presents their unique interpretation of spring, from stunning macro-level views of blooming flowers to vibrant digital art combining light, geometry, and colors.
The exhibition explores themes of rebirth, renewal, and the beauty of spring in a warm and engaging manner.

And now, for my’s Picks of the Week:

eClipse Club & Resort Events of the Week, April 1 -7
DJ Iniry Freestyle 80s & 90s 7:00 pm
DJ Tiger 7:00 pm

Thank you for watching ATG Entertainment Weekly.
Live the Grid Experience!

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