ATG Sports Plus – Week 11

ATG Sports Plus – Week 11

Our highlights this show:

– Jesus Crisp reclaims the lead at Grand Prix 1
– Alex takes the cup for the SLPGA Classic
– Action packed week of Wrestling



Welcome to ATG Sports Plus.
Our highlights this show:

– Jesus Crisp reclaims the lead at Grand Prix 1
– Alex takes the cup for the SLPGA Classic
– Action packed week of Wrestling

Hello and welcome to ATG Sports Plus.
I am Zack Haiku.

In an electrifying display of skill and determination, Jesus Crisp reclaimed the points lead in the FVA Grand Prix 1 Championship by securing pole position and emerging victorious at the Liechtenstein Grand Prix.
Crisp’s performance was nothing short of spectacular, as he expertly navigated the challenging circuit and maintained his lead throughout the race.
His triumph not only catapulted him to the top of the standings but also edged out his closest rival, Benett, who fought valiantly but ultimately fell short.
This exhilarating victory has set the stage for an intense battle for supremacy in the remaining races of the season, with fans eagerly anticipating each twist and turn as the championship unfolds.

Kudos to #07 Donovan Michalski for clinching a remarkable victory at the SLR Premier Stocks race in Pellentine last Monday.
In a thrilling contest, #06 Luke Carmona secured second place, followed closely by #9 Morticia Villota in third.
The rest of the top finishers included #18 Taylor Aerallo in fourth, #64 Kali Kiyori in fifth, #51 Marcus West in sixth, #43 RD Lagan in seventh, #10 Becky Aker in eighth, #15 Maiden Canada in ninth, #69 DJ Wolf in tenth, #11 Poti Sica in eleventh, and #84 James Venus in twelfth.
Marcus West, #51, started from pole position, while Donovan Michakski, #07, clocked the fastest lap.
Maiden Canada, #15, earned the distinction of Rookie of the Race, adding to the excitement of this exhilarating competition.

The SRL Indypro series witnessed a thrilling race at Sun Beach on Monday night, as Luke Carmona clinched a remarkable victory.
Donovan Michalski followed closely in second place, while ValkRein secured the third position.
The rest of the top finishers included Morticia Villota in fourth, Kandy Tomorrow in fifth, Emmy Bloobury in sixth, Taylor Aerallo in seventh, Anakynn Topaz in eighth, Aaron Robbins in ninth, Becky Aker in tenth, Kristina Curtau in eleventh, and Alia Paquot in twelfth.
Unfortunately, Roaddogg Lagan and Marcus West ended the race prematurely with a DNF in thirteenth and fifteenth positions, respectively, while James Venus finished fourteenth, and Capi secured the sixteenth spot.
The exhilarating competition at Sun Beach showcased the skill and determination of these talented racers, leaving fans eager for the next installment of the SRL Indypro series.

The SLPGA Classic, the second event in the SLPGA Spring Tour, has come to a close with a series of nail-biting rounds showcasing the talent and skill of the participants.
Poppy Williams set the pace with a dominant performance in the opening round, only to be followed by Alex seizing victory in both the second and third rounds.
In the climactic fourth and final round, Lilli emerged triumphant, with Alex ending as the overall champion, capping off an exhilarating tournament that displayed the exceptional abilities of these golfers and leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next leg of the SLPGA Spring Tour.

Attention Second Life Wrestling enthusiasts! Brace yourselves for an exhilarating week of events showcasing some of the virtual world’s finest wrestlers. Here’s a preview of what’s in store:

This Sunday, Over the Edge Wrestling (OEW) kicks off with ASCENSION at 10 AM.
This week, get ready for the highly anticipated showdown at the Superstar Gym featuring JW Beeswing and BJ O’Hare, as well as the electrifying match between Scorpio Venom and Vex, the mentee of Playboy Chipper Dean.
Don’t miss the Hardcore Championship Open Challenge and the thrilling main event where LBA faces off against Josh Poffo. There’s always more excitement in store when OEW brings you Ascension Sunday at 10 AM SLT!

At 4 PM, join the action at the Saitama Sportatorium for Pro Wrestling Grand Prix (PWGP): DREAM.

At 7 PM, experience United Furry Wrestling (UFW) Frontline at Furzona.

Monday offers a fantastic feature of UFW Unbroken at Furzona starts at 5 PM.

Tuesday delivers intense clashes, starting with Battle Championship Wrestling (BCW) Battlezone at The Old Mill at 3 PM, followed by Premier Unplugged in New Haven at 4 PM.

Wednesday amps up the excitement with VALIANT Wrestling Flashpoint at The Surge Stadium at 6 PM.

On Thursday, visit The Pemberley Theatre for BCW Chaos at 4 PM.

At 6 PM, enjoy Decibel Anthro Wrestling’s DAW Crossfade at the Tune! Music Lounge.

Friday features a triple-header, beginning with Digital Championship Wrestling Federation Slam City at 2 PM.

At 6 PM, witness VWE Defiance at the City of Gold Arena, followed by UFW Nightfall in Furzona at 8 PM.

Finally, on Saturday, catch PWGP: RISEN at the Saitama Sportatorium at 12 PM, followed by Premier Unplugged at the Unicorn Garden at 1 PM.

And at 6 PM, don’t miss Women’s Pro Wrestling Federation (WPWF) Asylum at the Underground Arena.

Also, next week, don’t forget to keep an eye out for Over The Edge IMMORTALITY, on March 26th, at 9AM.

Prepare for a week packed with high-energy wrestling action, starring some of Second Life’s most skilled wrestlers. Be sure to catch all the events!

Professional wrestling enthusiasts had an eventful week filled with exhilarating matches and memorable moments across various promotions.

Last week at OEW Immortality, Moma T interfered in Honey Potts’ Non-Title Match against Sora Atkins, causing her to lose.
Meanwhile, Tank Ventura proved his worth as the Diamond Sands Champion by defeating Kenny Carter in another Non-Title Match.
Bannock emerged victorious against Parker the One despite DHA’s attack, while Nina Prater triumphed over Daisy Sue.
Lilith was granted a disqualification win over Black Ops Brie after Paul Slater threw salt in her eyes during their match at OEW Immortality.

In a recent thrilling DAW event, fans witnessed an array of exhilarating matches that showcased the talents of the participating wrestlers.
NUX emerged victorious against Charlie Jamison, while Red Empress overcame Magnus in a hard-fought battle. The highlight of the night was the intense Three-Way No DQ Falls Count Anywhere Mixdown, featuring Folami, Pauline Driscoll, and Sasha Winters.
In the final standings, Pauline was eliminated by Folami, who was then subsequently eliminated by Sasha.
This outcome left Sasha as the last fighter standing, securing a well-deserved victory and capping off an unforgettable night of wrestling action.

VWE Defiance delivered an action-packed show with five incredible matchups, featuring an all-star lineup of special promotions.
The excitement kicked off with JoAnee Steel facing a mystery opponent in a Queen of the Arena Qualifying match, which turned out to be the returning Blonde Bomber, Betty Hiess.
In another surprise, Samantha Foxy confronted Tracy over her victory against Rachel Celeste at Octane Forever, leading to a heated brawl and a tag team match booked for next week.
The evening continued with a King of the Arena Qualifying match between a determined Cody Houley and Dimitri Volkov, with Cody ultimately emerging victorious.
The night also saw an altercation between VWE’s favorite cheerleader Becky and Brooke Owens, culminating in a 20-minute Iron Woman Match scheduled for next week.
The action continued with a grudge match between Bella Delina and Women’s National Champion Rachel Celeste, ending in a double disqualification as their rivalry spiraled out of control.
Nyle Nightfire demanded a confrontation with Men’s National Champion Dominick Karsin, leading to a “No Extra Karsins Allowed” match set for next week.
Newcomer Jaque LaRoux faced VWE World Heavyweight Champion Maxwell Ryan in a non-title fight, showcasing his world-class fighting skills despite Maxwell’s eventual win.
In other news, commentator Duncan Delruso received a significant raise and joined Team Scarmon as their representative voice.
The main event saw the Diamond Club take on the Karsin Bros in an epic battle, ultimately won by the Karsin Bros with a little help from their sibling, Dominick.
As the night concluded, fans eagerly await next week’s journey towards Kingdom Come.

WPWF Asylum kicked off with newly crowned Tag Team Champions Shimmer (Natalie Sonnen & Vonolla) celebrating their victory at the supershow Riot, where they defeated Hissatsu and the Vicious Vixens in a triple threat tag match.
The celebration was interrupted by Mirai Zaibatsu (Rena Kadoya and Maya Araya), who confronted the champions and set a challenge for Vonolla and Maya later that night.
The first match of the night, Kimberly Smith vs. Venna “The Kraken” Gutþiuda, ended in a disqualification after Chiyoko attacked Kimberly with a taser, seeking revenge for her previous loss.
Venna, frustrated by the interference, fought back against Chiyoko and saved Kimberly from further harm.
Cassidy Sinq Nevella addressed WPWF Sirens Rising Champion Lia Duffield, questioning her worthiness as champion and mentioning her own number one contendership.
Lia responded with a challenge for Cassidy to prove her worth.
In other matches, Karma Starr defeated Kenia Escarlata after some impressive back-and-forth action, while a mysterious video showed Koi “The Alien” Kiyori trapped in a coffin by Rie Kurihara.
Foxy BethAnn secured a win against Katie “Motherfucking” Carter, and Lady Death triumphed over Solidad, reminding everyone of her dangerous presence.
The main event between Maya Araya and Vonolla ended in a no-contest as both teams brawled with each other after a double count-out, leaving the night’s tension unresolved.

Cycling enthusiasts convened at the Edelweiss track on Saturday at 2 PM Second Life Time for a friendly race hosted by Rebel Riders. The race presented participants with unique challenges as compared to the Breakaway road, offering a fresh and exciting experience for all involved.

This has been ATG Sports Plus.
Don’t forget to keep the ball rolling on the virtual field!

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