ATG Entertainment Weekly – Week 12

ATG Entertainment Weekly – Week 12

ATG Entertainment Weekly – Week 12

Our Top Stories..

– Officina dei Sogni participating in Sci-Fi Con 2023
– LUXE Paris postponed for 2024
– Pariah – The Hidden Persona, at the Hannington Arts Foundation



This is ATG Entertainment Weekly.

I am Lilly Anne Smith.
I am Zack Haiku.
I am Katheryn Llewellyn.

Our Top Stories..

– Officina dei Sogni participating in Sci-Fi Con 2023
– LUXE Paris postponed for 2024
– Pariah – The Hidden Persona, at the Hannington Arts Foundation

Welcome to ATG Entertainment Weekly.
Second Life entertainment never stops, now on the 12th week of 2023.

Officina dei Sogni will be participating in Sci-fi Con 2023, a cancer fundraising event called Relay for Life, with two captivating performances.
The first, titled “Thunderstruck,” will feature a live music performance by professional violinist and musician Musa inFabula.
Alongside two dancers choreographed by Virginia Stella, Musa will deliver a diverse range of music genres on a futuristic nightclub stage, from Iron Maiden and AC/DC to jazz and pop.
The second performance, “Pagan Evocation Fantasy – Enhanced Version,” takes the audience on a journey through various pagan cultures with a blend of dance and storytelling.
This performance is written and directed by Virginia Stella, a mathematician and modern dance instructor who has combined her passions in Secondlife.
Officina dei Sogni, an international theater-dance company, is known for blending physical and virtual realities to create innovative and immersive experiences for audiences in both the real world and the Metaverse.

Paris and Mika of LUXE Paris have announced that they will be postponing the LOOK OF THE YEAR contest for this year due to important personal commitments.
They emphasize the importance of not compromising the quality of the competition, which requires a significant amount of work.
Despite the postponement, their fashion house will remain active and continue to support various Second Life fashion events.
Paris and Mika express their gratitude for the ongoing cooperation and understanding from their community and assure that this is not a farewell, but merely a temporary goodbye.
They plan to use this break to refine their operations and prepare for the 2024 LUXE Paris Look of the Year.

The many facets of one’s personality, which are often reserved for different occasions and settings, allow individuals to control how they are perceived by others and what they choose to reveal about themselves.
However, Etamae’s art exhibit, Pariah – The Hidden Persona, at the Hannington Arts Foundation, explores those aspects of self that remain hidden, even from those closest to us.
These traits are often suppressed due to fear of their potential impact on relationships or the turmoil they may cause within oneself.
Etamae’s immersive installation, which features both 2D and 3D animated pieces, is set within a large cube space and requires visitors to use the shared environment setting in their viewer for the optimal experience.
The exhibit includes images of faces with various expressions that suggest the ebb and flow of emotions and inner struggles.
Additionally, the installation features lyrics from the song “Keep the Streets Empty for Me” by Fever Ray, which resonate with the exhibit’s theme of introspection and hidden personas.
Pariah – The Hidden Persona is a personal and unique experience for each visitor, making it essential to experience firsthand.

Get ready for an immersive experience at the much-anticipated premiere of “Digital Rain 2023 – Part 1”!
This exclusive event takes place on Tuesday, March 28th from 1-2pm SLT during a special Machinima Mondays in-world group meeting at the Tomato Productions Theater.
Follow the gripping tale of Jay Ritaker, a soldier navigating the perilous aftermath of the Colony Wars in a world where the line between humanity and replicants is blurred.
Despite YouTube’s puzzling decision to restrict the film to age-verified adult audiences only, there’s no doubt that this thought-provoking cinematic journey will leave viewers questioning the essence of life itself.
Don’t miss out on the free gift swag bags and a chance to participate in a Q&A session with the creators following the film.
Mark your calendars and join us for an unforgettable experience at the Digital Rain 2023 premiere!

Join the Second Life Cheerleader Squad for an open practice session this Thursday at 6 PM, taking place at the Srooc Skytower Stadium in Cheertopia.
The event welcomes everyone, irrespective of their experience or background.
Seize this chance to witness the cheerleaders’ dynamic performance and show your support for their mission to foster happiness and optimism within the Second Life community.

Don’t miss out on Grid Drive’s exhilarating weekly group drive this Saturday, offering two convenient start times at 11:30 AM and midnight.
Make your way to the Get The Freight Out hub in Brussac Bay, where the Navigation Hud will guide you to the starting point.
With the steadfast support of The Canary Project, who make sure you can cruise through the picturesque regions of Nautilus, Corsica, and Blake Sea worry-free.
So, gear up and join for a captivating adventure on the road!

Dive into a world of enchantment at the “Under the Sea Dance Show” hosted by the Shooting Star Dance Academy on Sunday, March 26th at 1pm!
Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing performances, as our talented dancers showcase their artistry and skill in captivating choreographies inspired by the ocean’s depths.
Be serenaded by the dulcet tones of Dallas Winset during the opening act at 11:50 am, followed by Putrisolosinger’s group dance accompaniment at 2 pm.
Dance the afternoon away to the beats of DJ Tony Paragon, who takes over at 12:50 pm.
To ensure a seamless experience for everyone, kindly keep your script count to 50 or below and remove any scripted items before arriving at the venue.
Join in for an unforgettable aquatic adventure, and let the magic of the sea sweep you off your feet!

And now, for Kat’s Picks of the Week:

Thank you for watching ATG Entertainment Weekly.
Live the Grid Experience!

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