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Second Life has a calendar full of activities. Few are as successfully attended as the weekly Drama Libre event every Saturday at 7:00 slt. For over a decade, Drama Libre has created a wonderfully inviting event that features a newly built location reflecting a theme of the week. People from all over Second Life (SL) arrive in costume, attend this event to listen to music, and see the amazing conceptualization of the announced theme.

What makes this event so special? It starts with the amazing builders (Xerxes Sismondi, Peachy Sassoon, Dagmar Klaar, Cathy Ryder and Rin Debevec) who brilliantly plan and execute concepts on a weekly basis. And, this fully extends to the Drama Libre Founders, Xerxes Sismondi and Peachy Sassoon, who host the event weekly and make sure everyone feels welcomed, enjoys their surroundings and gets to listen to music while SL dancing the night away. Lest I forget, the wonderful DJs (Magdalena Kamanev, Rinaldo Debevec, Grigor Kobeshimi, Ironman Zepplin, and Danica Cruz) are also a key to bringing in the joy of these weekly events. With their carefully curated selections, they make sure you get the true feel of the theme through music and also happily take requests for any special songs you want to hear throughout the event.

Why is this a don’t miss event? The people at Drama Libre focus on one basic core concept: Good music, good people, no drama. They wrap that up with warm and welcoming environment, they created so that in your adventure through SL, you become a part of the family. Not only that, as a group member you can participate and vote in the weekly costume contest. The Lindens may bring you in, but the wonderful people of Drama Libre, keep you coming back. For more information on Drama Libre, please check out their amazing website that gives you just a glimpse of the amazing things they do: http://www.dramalibre.com/home.

One of the best ways to see Drama Libre is action is through the eyes of Muse Dane. Muse has created an album that shows many of the recent events at Drama Libre: https://www.flickr.com/photos/musicgal9026/albums/72157673464575230.

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