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Master and Commander Adventure

Shiver me timbers, the ocean awaits! We are masters of our destiny. Then, again, are we? Only, the photos and video can tell us for sure. DJ Rinaldo Debevec served as Music Captain for the evening and people from all around came in their naval finery to dance, dance, dance. The wonderful winners of this evenings contest were Xyla, Monty and Missy and smartly reminded us of the perils of the ocean, unexpected stowaways, etc…

The boat was a rocking and Peachy made sure we got proof! Check out the latest photos from the event: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipP-MbyhAw7_Ca8K-An-MgolRW0QPy9-T9j5rZrzY15M7A8Ysi9icDVgRA7uyRmqIw?key=azNBajl0dTBnY25UeENFNzRZdkRVdWVhYWdzMml3

And lest we forget, a video camera captured our sea escape, check out the footage below.

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