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One of the cool things about SL is you can always go and explore. Coming back after a long absence, I had no clue what the fun places were to go and see. And, although I was blessed in that I knew a great Saturday event to attend, there were downtimes during the week, I wondered with all the abundance of choices there are, can I muddle through all of them and find and then share the info? Of course, fate intervened and by no accident, I stumbled into Second Life’s 17 Birthday event. With dancing shoes in toe and a strangely curious yen to see how someone could pull off a Disco event in 2020, I headed on over to and happily landed on the primary stage to hear one of the best live DJ events in SL.

Turns out the DJ JAdmiral Maelstrom (pronounced Jay Admiral) not only knew how to keep an audience engaged, the set included song trivia so you could also win some Lindens. Being the intrigued blogger/vlogger, I had to check out their after party post SL17B. Arrived at the club and have been a fan ever since. Thank you, fate and SL17B. Below is a tour of eClipse club & resort that shows you some cool hang and chill spots and the fact that they run the longest successful event in Second Life: Disco Tuesday Night.

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