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Farmeggedon Adventure

Spaceships, a farm, barn and oh yes, animals galore. Drama Libre has done it again! July 25, 2020, our fearless builders created Farmageddon and although you would think it would be terrifying, it was an amazing night of victory for our fighting friends on the farm. Aliens scrambled and fled but the Farm was saved. Notables costumes of the night included Cow with Bazooka, Cow with machine gun, Dancing veggies, and I cannot be remiss in mentioning our winners of the evening Rinaldo, Cara and Kran. Who fought a valiant battle and earned their top honors.

The can’t miss photo album from Peachy Sassoon: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNxMwTaKhi37s8onvsEF4ohTdQN7ZAud8-loKSIhLvSj1aTr_8pc84rw5i54bzIzg?key=UjVrLVhLYWRraERER2VXcWNZdTNGTU43MjNyS1JR

Latest release on the Drama Libre channel from Katheryn Llewellyn.

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