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Isle of Helenos Hocus Pocus Event

Isle of Helenos Hocus Pocus Event

No Group Need and 36 Gifts available. To participate just go to the landmark below. In the haunted house and patio are 13 pumpkins with prizes and 9 without. Below are identifiers that can help you find the filled pumpkins.

Runs October 23 – November 1, 2021



Hocus Pokus Free Gifts NGN
Vendor Gift Gift Description
Nilsty Yes Dress Maiteya Freya
Moonley Inc Yes Boo Frame Set
RoxAnne Yes Halloween Blouse w/HUD
Feral No
Ali & Ali Designs Yes Isobelle Hair Rainbow colors V2 Boxed
SaCaYa Store Yes Pumpkin Owl Wanderer
Aurora Sky Design TBD
Kim’s Creations Yes Lil Rustic Retreat Skybox
Chaotic No
Snarkasm No
Creative Design Yes Mouse Pumpkin
Mishmash Fusion Yes The Smoking Cauldron w/sits
Serina Lacava Collectino  Yes Friendship Bear 2013
Sexy Fashion S*B Yes TIS Dance HUD
Mara’s Mysteries No
Fantastic Mondays No Promo Subscriber Booth
MadPea Zombie Hunter No Game
Ab Fab Yes Athena Tattoo BOM
Blue Flower No
Coveted Yes Batty Back Straps Mini Dress
Sassy Soul Yes Face Mask – Sanderson sisters Mary
Ad Hoc Yes $1L Textures with license
Yggdrasil Yes Woodrune wall décor
Love Superstore Yes Halloween Gift Pack
Just 4 Fun Yes Catherine 2 Outfit
Wiccan Wears Yes 2021 Halloween Tree
Tastic Yes Sexy Witch Dress Boxed
Bobs Creations No
Dark Fairy Fashions Yes Noelle Sweater Autumn Eve Fatpack
A Touch of Magic Yes Double side pumpkin face halloween wreath
Trick or Treat Pumpkin In House (start to the left of the door)
Pumpkin 1 YM Shop Yes Eftalya Dress
Pumpkin 2 No
Pumpkin 3 Yes Wildflower Design
Pumpkin 4 Yes Esctrala jacket Dress
Pumpkin 5  No
Pumpkin 6 Yes Adalia Tunic
Pumpkin 7  No
Pumpkin 8 Yes Rany Nurse Outfit
Pumpkin 9 Pink Yes Rany Student and Teacher Oufit
Pumpkin 10 Black Yes 100L Sassy Soul Gift Card
Pumpkin 11 Blue No
Pumpkin 12 Pink 2nd floor Left Yes Halloween Lingerie Skull
Pumpkin 13 Salmon Peach Yes Halloween Lingerie Spider
Pumpkin 14 Hot Pink No
Pumpkin 15 Yellow Yes Demonia Full Perm Vomit Blood
Pumpkin 16 Green Yes Halloween Cupcakes
Pumpkin 17 Demin Blue No
Pumpkin 18 Dark Green Yes Object
Pumpkin 19 labeled 17 No
Pumpkin 20 lilac Yes Halloween Lingerie
Pumpkin 21 large red No
Exterior Patio w/ Glass
Pumpkin 22 Pink in statue hands Yes Korean Tree Animated 4 Seasons
Pumpkin 23 labeled 14 No
Pumpkin 24 orange/red Yes Décor Small Garden

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