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Trick or Treat Lane with Cat Pink

Trick or Treat Lane with Cat Pink

Event runs from October 15 – November 1


No Group Needed

Plus, the event does not just have items on sale on their gallery they included all the gifts! The link is locate below.


Image Gallery of All Gifts

Every gift has its photo, so you can see what your are getting!


Vendor Gift Gift Description
1 Vae & Victis Yes Seeds of Ruin – Samhain Edition
2 Quills & Curiosities Yes Spooky Treat Tray unpacked
3 Normandy Yes Skaoi. Crystals  Six Colors and HUD
4 Misteria Yes Moonglow Eyes BOM
5 Senzafine Yes Sera Dress
6 Love Superstore Yes Halloween Cat Totem
7 Fallen Gods Inc Yes Wraith Tomb Look
8 Libertine Yes Noir Rugs
9 Unholy Yes Lip Tattoo
10 TLB Yes Batty Head Chain
11 Moonlight Shadow Yes Mound of Earth
12 QE Yes Lilith Lingerie
13 Old World Yes Ow Pumpkin Head
14 Lyrical Bizarre Templates Yes Deco Pumpkin
15 LuluB Yes Cielica Hand Particles
16 F&M Yes Moon Devil Lamp
17 HolliPocket Yes Deathly Leggings Kawaii
18 Laminak Yes Bunch of Balloons unpacked
19 Oubliette Yes Oracle Shelf
20 Raindale Yes Pumpkins unpacked
21 Alaska Metro Yes Black Kat Limited Edition Tights unpacked
22 Mooh Yes Stuff Skeleton barrel planter
23 Grumble Yes Scare Tee
24 Venge Yes Celeste Nose Ring
25 Witch in a Box Yes Halloween Gift Dress
26 Paper moon Yes Pumpkin Tree Cages – Betelgeuse
27 Zoom Yes Asymmetric Dress
28 Roawenwood Yes Tarot Card House Décor
29 Candle Cauldron Yes Baba Yaga’s Mortal and Pestle
30 House of Rfyre Yes Witch’s Hat With Web Detail
31 Ahourn House of Design Yes Charmed Piercing
32 1313 Mocking Bird Lane Yes Norma Jean Bikini Gothabilly Skulls unpacked
33 Beauty of Darkness Yes Goth and Dots Face Tattoo unpacked
34 Secret October Yes Spooky Throw Pillow unpacked
35 Byrne Yes BatHead Mask & Crown
36 Dragon Magic Wares Yes Arcana Rug
37 Angelic Designs Yes Skelly Hotdog
38 Gothico Yes Spooky Glasses unpacked
39 Dark Intentions Yes Boo Long Tank
40 WitchCraft Yes Uwu Mugs
41 Rivendale Yes TorT gift sign unpacked
42 Snatch Yes Wrong Crop Top unpacked
43 Eventyra Yes Nail HUD So Toxxic
44 Annex Yes Bat Companion
45 Puke Rainbows Yes Nebula Bubble – Red 
46 Circa Living Yes Witches Brew Cat Familiar Pillow
47 JR Wolf Creations Yes Seer Dress
48 Inkietud Yes Damask Draped Table – Vampire
49 Elemental Yes Damnation with BOM

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