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Newgrange and the Bronze Age Adventure

Time and space mean nothing to the artists and builders at Drama Libre. Dr. Who is not alone in traveling through time and space to explore and experience the past. May 16, 2020, Newgrange came to life and called out to all the ancestors to return and celebrate the Bronze Age. DJ Danica Cruz served as our curator of music for the night and while many came dressed to impress, only three reached success in showcasing the theme’s best looks of the night. Rinaldo’s Stone Man received 1st prize with Tea and Bri tying for 2nd place.

As history was in the making, Hostess Peachy Sassoon got the snaps no one could dare miss: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNSCBAmOazjX1eXQPamg-6Ky-tIdZSXKKPu8xNxz24u3M_BDIE-XeDD2vcdcg3-0g?key=el93b0FHUmF3TEtiSXlqUmhLT05BZ08yeU9RbUp3.

Video was screen captured and canned with the help of Katheryn Llewellyn.


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