ATG Entertainment Weekly Week 9

ATG Entertainment Weekly Week 9

ATG Entertainment Weekly Week 9

Our Top Stories..

– SL Video Creators Awards for February announced
– Mythologies at Alpha Auer’s Alphatribe Island
– Oishii City officially opening tonight

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This is ATG Entertainment Weekly.

I am Lilly Anne Smith.
I am Zack Haiku.
I am Katheryn Llewellyn.

Our Top Stories..

– SL Video Creators Awards for February announced
– Mythologies at Alpha Auer’s Alphatribe Island
– Oishii City officially opening tonight

Welcome to ATG Entertainment Weekly.
Second Life entertainment never stops on this 9th week of 2023.

Alpha Auer’s Alphatribe Island features an installation called Mythologies that is worth exploring. The installation is a curation of cultural artifacts found on Sketchfab, a 3D resource that hosts many museums and private individuals’ 3D models with an emphasis on heritage material available for download under Creative Commons licenses. Instead of modeling her own work, Alpha used this resource to put together an architecture and a number of small landscapes where deities and characters from different mythologies across history can be present virtually. The islands are placed across a glass-like platform and represent different cultures and their heritage, ranging from renaissance Europe through North America to the Middle East, Asia, and Far East. While Alpha notes that this is not a serious museum, the way the pieces are set out encourages their study and consideration of the times and culture which gave rise to them and what they represent. The installation also offers access to Alpha’s own store and a smaller store containing many of the pieces featured on the main platform, complete with their Creative Commons License. Alpha is an academic and graphic designer/artist from Istanbul who has presented papers and works at conferences and art spaces in both the virtual and physical worlds.

In SL Video Creators’ latest director showcase, Candido Ferraris is featured. Candido has been a part of the YouTube director community since January 2008 and has been creating videos that have received positive feedback. Although he has a professional background in filming, he primarily sees himself as a director who participates in contests, such as the “Brazilian Trap” and “TC GROUP BIKER” videos, where he received first place in 2020.
Candido’s biggest success has been his contribution to Second Life with new videographers and photographers. He started a series of video-tips for new video enthusiasts in 2016, which now has 16 episodes. His most successful video has been “Paris City Contest; One Man Band,” which utilized an overlay technique in post-production.
Candido believes that having great equipment is essential for creating high-quality videos. His goal is to improve his equipment and create new productions that will appeal to filmmakers. He is inspired by new Second Life videos and his friends who are always daring with effects.
When asked for advice for aspiring Second Life directors, Candido suggests watching videos from idols and paying attention to details such as cuts, transitions, lighting, and camera angles.
Candido’s next project is based around Cyberpunk and will feature audio-visual effects. The filming is complete, and he is currently in the post-production editing phase.

Oishii City is about to open in Second Life, and it’s creating a buzz among its residents. The opening event will start at 12 pm and feature two Second Life DJs, DJ Dolly and DJ Zack, who will play a mix of great tunes. The theme of the event is Lingerie and PJs, and the party is set to be an adult-only celebration.
Oishii City is a beautifully crafted Japanese themed city, featuring a range of attractions for visitors to enjoy. The city offers an array of shops, a cat cafe, arcade, beach, residential areas, Onsen, and temple club. Visitors can explore the city and experience the vibrant culture and atmosphere of Japan.
Oishii City is also home to the ATG Productions studios, where ATG Shows are recorded. The studios are decorated to provide visitors with a unique and immersive experience.
Overall, Oishii City promises to be an exciting addition to Second Life, offering visitors a range of activities and attractions to enjoy. The opening event, with DJ Dolly and DJ Zack at the helm, is sure to be an unforgettable party, with guests dressed in their sexiest sleepwear. So, mark your calendars and get ready to experience the beauty of Japan in Oishii City!

The Second Life Video Creator Awards for February 2023, where outstanding videos produced within Second Life during the month of February are recognized in various categories, is out. This event celebrates the talent, dedication, and hard work of Second Life video creators who have captured and shared the magic of this immersive platform with the world. The Winners for this month are the following:

Congratulations to all the winners!

Grid Drive’s weekly group drive is scheduled for Saturday, with two start times at 11:30 AM and midnight respectively. To easily navigate to the starting point of the drive, interested drivers can find the Navigation Hud located at the Get The Freight Out hub in Brussac Bay.
This exciting group drive is proudly sponsored by The Canary Project, a dedicated group that patrols and monitors the regions of Nautilus, Corsica, and Blake Sea to identify and report any issues. As a reward for participating in the drive, drivers will have the opportunity to receive a custom-made sailboat, adding to the excitement and fun of the event. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to join fellow enthusiasts for an unforgettable adventure on the open waters.

The Second Life Cheerleader Squad has arranged a public practice session which is slated to take place at 6 PM on Thursday at the Srooc Skytower Stadium located in Cheertopia. It’s essential to mention that this event is open to all, and those interested in attending are heartily invited to come along.

And now, for Kat’s Picks of the Week:

Thank you for watching ATG Entertainment Weekly.
Live the Grid Experience!

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