ATG Sports Plus – Week 10

ATG Sports Plus – Week 10

AGT Sports Plus – Week 10

Welcome to ATG Sports Plus.
Our highlights this show:

– Morticia Villota wind the SRL Premier race at Comets Raceway
– GWFC Showdown this Sunday between Ritchi and N’Ajjer
– VWE Octane coming to an end with Octane Forever

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Welcome to ATG Sports Plus.
Our highlights this show:

– Morticia Villota wind the SRL Premier race at Comets Raceway
– GWFC Showdown this Sunday between Ritchi and N’Ajjer
– VWE Octane coming to an end with Octane Forever

Hello and welcome to ATG Sports Plus.
I am Zack Haiku.
I am Tsukino Tsu.


At the SRL Premier stocks race at Comets Raceway last night, it was an impressive display of driving skill and determination from all the competitors. The winner of the night was number 9, Morticia Villota, who put on an excellent performance and took home the first-place trophy.

Coming in a close second was number 10, Becky Aker, followed by number 51, Marcus West, in third place. The fourth-place finisher was number 07, Donovan Michalski, with number 43, RD Lagan, in fifth.

Sixth place went to number 18, Taylor Aerallo, followed by number 4, Pyper Barrow, in seventh, number 669, Adya Sirnah, in eighth, number 71, Poti Sica, in ninth, and number 15, Maiden Canada, in tenth.

It’s worth noting that number 51, Marcus West, started from the pole and clocked the fastest lap of the race. Additionally, number 4, Pyper Barrow, was recognized as the Rookie of the Race for her impressive performance.


In a letter addressed to the members of LC Racing Circuits and the wider racing community, Luke Carmona announced that he can no longer afford his sim due to personal circumstances. Carmona expressed his passion for racing and how much of a privilege it has been to share that passion with the LC Racing Circuits community. Despite no longer being the owner of the sim, Carmona will remain in a senior management role to ensure that the operation of LC Racing Circuits runs smoothly.

Carmona mentioned that the sim is being sold to Lethal Neal, also known as NealB, who shares a love for racing. Ownership will be transferred from March 13th to March 27th, and Neal will take over the maintenance of the sim’s existing circuits and general appearance to ensure that the community can continue to enjoy the racing experience they have come to love. Carmona expressed his gratitude to the community for their enthusiasm, dedication, and love of motorsport, without which LC Racing Circuits would not be where it is today.

Carmona concluded his letter by thanking the community for their understanding and continued support as they enter a new chapter in their community’s history, and he looks forward to continuing to work with them in the future.


On March 5th, the FVA GP1 2023a British Grand Prix was held at the Strakka circuit, which boasts 11 corners and stretches over 73 laps. During the race, Jesus Crisp set a new track record of 0:25.328. Eli Benett, representing Benetto Sigma, won the race.

According to the current standings, Sanakan leads the Constructor’s Championship with 40 points, followed by Benetto with 38 points and Husaria with 33 points. In the Drivers’ Championship, Eli Benett and Jesus Crisp share the top spot with 30 points each, followed by Kandy Tomorrow and Kira Restrepo with 20 points each in third place.

The next race will be the Liechtenstein Grand Prix, scheduled for March 12th at 11AM Second Life Time, and will take place at Herrenhaus, a new circuit that features 12 corners and spans 55 laps.


The FVA GP2 continued with Round 3 on Saturday, March 11th at Herrenhaus.

Valky Rein took the checkered flag in the first race, with Asdrea Sanakan and Kandy Tomorrow completing the podium.

In the second race, Asdrea Sanakan claimed the top spot, closely followed by Emmy Bloobury and Nicole Dallas.

These results shake up the championship standings, with Nicole Dallas now in the lead with 54 points, tied with Kandy Tomorrow, and Pasta Lopez falling to third with 52 points.

Fans can look forward to the next race at Sun Beach on March 25th at 11AM Second Life Time.


Get ready to rev your engines and push your driving skills to the limit! The SL Hyperdrive championship is here and it’s unlike any racing experience you’ve ever had in Second Life. This is not just about speed – it’s a test of mental and emotional strength as well. The championship consists of 10 courses designed to challenge drivers in various ways, from precision driving to straight-up madness.

To be crowned the champion of SL Hyperdrive, you’ll need to bring your A-game and push your vehicle to its breaking point. Each race track features unique obstacles, testing drivers’ abilities to the fullest. But it’s not just about individual performance – there are also common obstacles and objectives that all drivers will face.

So strap on your seatbelt, fire up your engine, and get ready to compete against other skilled drivers in this fast-paced, time-based obstacle race. Do you have what it takes to be the driving King or Queen of Hyperdrive? Only time will tell.


The SLPGA has announced it’s next tournament, the SLPGA Masters, taking place at Rainbow Golf Links.

On a statement by Lexy Amore, she lets us know that the Rainbow Golf & SL Golf Community are eagerly anticipating the arrival of “The Masters,” golf’s very own Superbowl event. The highly-anticipated tournament is scheduled from April 1st to April 8th, 2023, and to celebrate, Rainbow Golf Links & SLPGA have announced the “Masters Tournament.”

To ensure that the tournament is held to the highest standards, the green-keepers have been asked to re-adjust the Flag positions before every round, making it the most challenging course ever built by Rainbow Golf & SLPGA. The tournament will feature the top golfers from SL worlds competing for the Green Jacket, and the matches will be held at the same time as the real-life event.

The organizers have also made efforts to recreate the beauty of the Masters by watering all the flowers, including the magnolia spring bloom. Players will also have the opportunity to meet some of SL Golf’s “Masters Tournament” winners up close, who will motivate and inspire them to achieve their best score. As they say, “Inside every golfer is a better one.”

All golf enthusiasts are invited to join in the fun and challenging rounds of golf to celebrate the most prestigious RL Major in the golfing world. So, come along and be a part of the excitement and thrill of the “Masters Tournament.”


The Grid Wide Fighting Championship (GWFC) is set to host an electrifying event this Sunday, March 12th, at 3 PM Second Life Time. Dubbed “SHOWDOWN,” the event promises to be an unforgettable experience for fans of combat sports in the virtual world.

The main attraction of SHOWDOWN will be a boxing match between two seasoned fighters: Kam Ritchi and Tassili N’Ajjer. The two pugilists will face off at the MGM Grande Arena, which will be transformed into a battleground for this epic showdown.

For those who cannot attend the event in person, SHOWDOWN will be on GWFC’s Youtube channel afterwards, allowing fans from all over the world to witness the action. This will be a great opportunity for combat sports enthusiasts to connect with one another and experience the excitement of GWFC RAW.

Grid Wide Fighting Championship’s SHOWDOWN promises to be a must-see event for anyone who loves combat sports. With Kam Ritchi and Tassili N’Ajjer set to clash in the ring, fans can expect a high-stakes showdown between two of the best fighters in the business. Be sure to tune in this Sunday, March 12th, at 3 PM Second Life Time, and witness the action for yourself!


And for all Second Life Wrestling fans!
Get ready for an action-packed week of events featuring some of the most talented wrestlers in the virtual world. Here’s what you can expect:

On Sunday, Over the Edge Wrestling OEW is bringing ASCENSION at 10AM, featuring an exciting match between Daisy Sue and Nina Prater. You can also catch Sora Atkins going one-on-one with the Women’s World Champion, Honey Potts, plus Tank Ventura is back in action. We get a rematch from a couple weeks ago where Bannock Ogg will fight Parker the One, and after being attacked last week, Lilith is in the mood for action and will face a mystery opponent.

At 2PM, don’t miss RISE: Ring of International Stars Experience at the GOHA Arena for the USA Tour Finale.

Then, at 4PM, head to the Saitama Sportatorium for Pro Wrestling Grand Prix PWGP: DREAM.

Finally, at 7PM, it’s United Furry Wrestling UFW Frontline at Furzona.

Monday has two events lined up for you, starting with UFW Unbroken at 5PM at Furzona, followed by Virtual Wrestling Entertainment VWE Octane Forever, the last instance of Octane, at the City of Gold Arena at 6PM, where we will see a Women’s World Championship Match between champion Tracy Stollings and Rachel Celeste.

On Tuesday, get ready for some intense battles with Battle Championship Wrestling BCW Battlezone at The Old Mill at 3PM, followed by Premier Unplugged at New Haven at 4PM.

Wednesday brings more excitement with VALIANT Wrestling Flashpoint at The Surge Stadium at 6PM.

On Thursday, head to The Pemberley Theatre for BCW Chaos at 4PM.

Then, at 6PM, watch Decibel Anthro Wrestling, with DAW Crossfade, at Tune! Music Lounge

Friday has three events for you to enjoy, starting with Digital Championship Wrestling Federation Slam City at 2PM.

Then, at 6PM, catch VWE Defiance at the City of Gold Arena, followed by UFW Nightfall at Furzona at 8PM.

Finally, on Saturday, don’t miss PWGP: RISEN at the Saitama Sportatorium at 12PM, followed by Premier Unplugged at the Unicorn Garden at 1PM

And at 6PM, catch Women’s Pro Wrestling Federation WPWF Asylum at the Underground Arena.

Get ready for a week full of high-octane wrestling action, featuring some of the most talented wrestlers in Second Life. Don’t miss out on any of the events!


Professional wrestling enthusiasts had an eventful week filled with exhilarating matches and memorable moments across various promotions. From DAW Crossfade to WPWF Asylum and OEW, there were plenty of thrilling contests to enjoy.

Starting with Decibel Anthro Wrestling’s Crossfade, the event on March 3rd witnessed Sasha Winters defeating Deimos in the opening match. Magnus claimed victory over Angel in the second match, while Folami emerged as the winner against Pauline in the main event.

Moving to WPWF Asylum, the event on March 11th was no less entertaining, with Kenia Escarlata triumphing over Moma T, and Carmelita Marcel beating Dahlia. Kimberly Smith defeated Kamikaze Chiyoko, while ME Solidad won over Brooke Owens.

At OEW, despite being injured, Nina Prater defeated Mizu Sayuri. Skillex issued an open challenge for the OEW Hardcore Championship and defeated Alex Camino. Vex overcame Koa with help from their new ally “Playboy” Chipper Dean. In a non-title match, Honey Potts secured a victory against Moma T, while the main event resulted in a no contest due to Superstar and Tank’s attack on KJ Dallas and JW Beeswing.

At Honor Pro’s free-per-view event, Glorious Purpose, Tracy Stollings retained her Women’s World Championship by defeating Razorback. King Vita won the Infinity Gauntlet Match to become the inaugural Infinity Champion. Hammer retained his World Heavyweight Championship after defeating Agent Ray in a Fight Pit Match.

Overall, it was an extraordinary week for wrestling fans as they were treated to a wide variety of exciting matches and events across various promotions. The sport of professional wrestling continues to captivate audiences worldwide, and with such thrilling contests, fans eagerly anticipate what’s to come next.


On Saturday at 2 PM Second Life Time, cycling enthusiasts gathered at the Alpine Road track for a new friendly race. The race, which featured four breakaways, was full of excitement and surprises.

The first three breakaways were dominated by SeanCarlucci7, who proved to be a formidable competitor. However, NicuTzi came out on top in the last two breakaways, showing impressive skills and determination.

As the race came to an end, attention turned to Claire (Atomic Infinity), who is now tasked with helping to decide the future of the SLCF. With her expertise and passion for cycling, she is well-equipped to lead this important discussion.

Overall, the race was a great success, bringing together a community of cycling enthusiasts for a fun and friendly competition. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for the SLCF and the sport of cycling in Second Life.


The Second Life HotLaps sailing competition is underway at Wicktro, starting from March 11th to 18th. Sailing enthusiasts from around the virtual world are taking part in the competition, with the current fastest lap being held by Nicole Myhre on her Bandit 22 LTE, with an impressive time of 0:12:30.8.

HotLaps is a unique sailing competition where competitors can race 24/7, allowing participants to take part in their own time zones and at their own pace. Participants’ lap times are automatically logged on Google Sheets, created by Jane Fosset and Burt, allowing for easy tracking of progress and ranking.

Sailors from all over Second Life are putting their skills to the test, aiming to outdo each other and set new records. The competition encourages skill development, sportsmanship, and camaraderie among sailors.

As the competition continues, sailors will continue to push themselves harder, looking for every opportunity to improve their times and secure a spot on the leaderboard. The HotLaps competition provides an excellent platform for sailing enthusiasts to engage with each other and build a strong community around the sport.

With the ongoing success of HotLaps, it is evident that the competition will continue to grow and inspire even more sailors to take to the virtual seas in Second Life.


This has been ATG Sports Plus.
Don’t forget to keep the ball rolling on the virtual field!

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