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You motorcycle, the open road and music is all you will ever need. This week, Drama Libre presented Sturgis second life, modeled after the Motorcycle Rally and Music Festival taking place in Sturgis, South Dakota. Our fabulous hosts with the most were of course, Xerxes Sismondi and Peachy Sassoon valiantly riding their sexy Vespas on the open road. Tunes were hot, hot, hot thanks to our Ironman Zeplin. This weeks stellar winners were Cathy, Cara, and Missy.

Can’t miss photos were taken by Vespa loving Peachy Sassoon:https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipONF8Fo83MMMtv07H2TRZuFHxcyrl6Bj6uJHEllUPgF-8l2eeompUj6xroZl6lg9g?key=TzNUWmV2SzBiTzNWZ3BORV9OcUwxXzJmMDlUc0Fn

And our latest clip from Sturgis from Katheryn Llewellyn:





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