ATG Sports Plus Week 21

ATG Sports Plus Week 21

Welcome back, all you fervent sports fans, to ATG Sports Plus. I’m Zack Haiku, excited to bring you today’s sports highlights.



Welcome back, all you fervent sports fans, to ATG Sports Plus. I’m Zack Haiku, excited to bring you today’s sports highlights. We’re jumping in with a review of the electric action from the FVA Grand Prix 1, where Nicole Dallas made headlines with a triumphant victory for Benetto Sigma.

Taking a turn to the racing lanes, we saw an adrenaline-fueled round of the SRL Indy Pro Series in Tokyo, which ended with Luke Carmona taking home the laurels.

And, let’s not sideline the wrestling action. It’s teeming with thrilling developments and we’ve got your round-up of all the news and forthcoming events.

So, keep it locked right here on ATG Sports Plus for all this excitement and more.

Welcome back, race fans, we’re at the Summer Nights track for the 2023a Outrun Grand Prix, the 8th contest in the FVA Grand Prix 1. We’ve got 81 laps to look forward to, with 8 corners and a lap record set just last year by Pasta Lopez. Let’s delve into this racing spectacle!

First, let’s break down Q1. Valky Rein bolted to the front with a time of 0:21.209, tailgated closely by Kali Kiyori and Nicole Dallas. Our racer to watch, Emmy Bloobury, claimed the sixth spot.

Shifting gears to Q2, Valky Rein remained the frontrunner, exhibiting remarkable consistency. Nicole Dallas and Emmy Bloobury both advanced up the grid, bracing themselves for the final round.

As we slid into Q3, the stakes were raised! Nicole Dallas clinched the pole position, trailed by Emmy Bloobury with a hair-thin one-millisecond difference. A testament to the razor-sharp competition we’re witnessing!

Now, with a glance at the Official Starting Grid, we find Nicole Dallas at the pole position, Emmy Bloobury breathing down her neck, and the rest of the pack champing at the bit, set to blaze the track.

The checkered flag was claimed by Nicole Dallas, bringing home the trophy for Benetto, Emmy Bloobury secured second place for Carmona, and Valky Rein completed the podium for Sanakan.

Despite finishing 7th, Jesus Crisp clocked the fastest lap, suggesting a strong momentum is on his side.

In the Constructors’ Championship, Benetto is in the lead with 160 points, chased by Sanakan and Carmona. The heat is on!

Switching to the Drivers’ side, Jesus Crisp is leading the charge with 83 points, chased by Eli Benett and Nicole Dallas from Benetto. Kandy Tomorrow and Emmy Bloobury complete our top 5.

The stakes are high, the competition is neck-and-neck, and the season is evolving into a nail-biter. As we gear up for the Bay Isle Grand Prix, one thing’s for certain, the 2023a Grand Prix 1 is a thrilling roller coaster ride and we can’t wait to see what twists and turns lie ahead!

The SRL IndyPro action shifted to Tokyo this week, fans, for the riveting Far East Grand Prix! Our pole position holder, Luke Carmona in car #06, did not disappoint, seizing victory with an electrifying performance.

Hot on Carmona’s heels, Donovan Michalski in car #07 crossed the line in second, with Morticia Villota in car #9 completing the podium. Let’s not overlook Max Verstappen’s stellar push to secure the fourth spot.

Meanwhile, Aaron Robbins and Kandy Tomorrow clinched the 5th and 6th positions respectively, with Kali Kiyori, Taylor Aerallo and the rest of the field not far behind, keeping things exciting.

A bit of a disappointment, though, as we had a few Did Not Finish entries. Toonces, Pyper Barrow, and Emmy Bloobury fell short of the finish line this time around.

But let’s shift our focus to the Season 14 standings, as of May 23rd, 2023. Kandy Tomorrow has taken the lead with a grand total of 154 Championship points.

Morticia Vilotta is nipping at Tomorrow’s heels in second place with 152 points, and Donovan Michalski is hot on her trail in third with 128 points. The competition is truly heating up!

In the 4th and 5th spots, we have Aaron Robbins and Taylor Aerallo keeping the front runners in sight. Luke Carmona, in spite of his recent win, is holding down the 6th position with 88 points.

The rest of our top 10 sees Kristina Curtau, RD Lagan, Valk Rein, and Jesus Crisp giving chase. This season is shaping up to be a high stakes scramble!

Looking further down the list, Becky Aker, Kali Kiyori, and Kedvenic Ivanovic will need to rev things up if they hope to improve their standings.

And let’s not count out the back of the pack, including Piper Peppermint and Francoh. With competition as fierce as this, they still have every chance to make a comeback.

That’s the thrill of this sport, folks! With the standings this close, every race can be a game-changer. Can’t wait to see how this explosive season continues to unfold!

We’ve got an exhilarating week of virtual wrestling action in Second Life lined up, with your favorite wrestlers ready to deliver some memorable moments.

We jump right into the fray with RISE hosted at Casa de Las Sirenes at 2 PM SLT. You’ll see dynamic duos Zachery Aquillius & Christian Cassanova facing off against Axel Santiago & Adam Onyx in a high-stakes tag team match. Also, keep an eye out for Coraina Calaverie and Gideon, among others, stepping into the ring.

We wrap up Sunday with PWGP’s DREAM at Saitama Arena at 4 PM SLT, followed by UFW’s Frontline at Furzona at 7 PM SLT. Then, as we move into Monday, Premier Wrestling’s ATTITUDE is set to rock the Vitality Arena at 1 PM SLT, with UFW Unbroken keeping the momentum at Furzona later that day at 5 PM SLT.

Tuesday keeps the adrenaline flowing with BCW’s Battlezone at The Old Mill at 3 PM SLT and HPW Infinity lighting up Evergarden Civic Center at 6 PM SLT. Midweek action continues with RISE at the GOHA Arena at 1 PM SLT on Wednesday, while VALIANT Wrestling Flashpoint ignites The Surge Stadium at 6 PM SLT.

As we shift into Thursday, Premier Wrestling’s OVERLOAD returns to the Vitality Arena at 1 PM SLT, with BCW Chaos storming The Pemberley Theatre at 4 PM SLT. Friday brings us DCWF Slam City at 2 PM SLT, VWE DEFIANCE at Grapital City Arena at 6 PM SLT, UFW Nightfall at Furzona, and Elite Angel Wrestling at Sacred Island, both kicking off at 8 PM SLT.

And as we head into the weekend, we conclude Saturday with PWGP: RISEN at the Saitama Arena at 12 PM SLT, Premier Unplugged at Unicorn Garden at 1 PM SLT, and WPWF Asylum at the Underground Arena at 6 PM SLT. Buckle up, because it’s going to be a whirlwind week of virtual wrestling in Second Life!

Last week was an absolute whirlwind in the Second Life wrestling world. From unforgettable highlights to nail-biting matches across various franchises, we witnessed nothing less than thrilling showdowns.

It was quite the spectacle put on by the top tier of the virtual wrestling world. They captivated audiences, keeping screens glowing with excitement and intrigue as they delivered one stellar performance after another throughout the week.

In the midst of it all, unexpected turns and shocking outcomes were a common theme, adding layers of drama and excitement to many matches. Indeed, the realm of virtual wrestling was overflowing with electric energy!

And now, we’re about to dive headfirst into a comprehensive recap of all the pulse-pounding action from the previous week. So, get ready, folks. Buckle up as we journey down memory lane, revisiting some of the most remarkable moments from the exhilarating world of virtual wrestling!

Now let’s break down the WPWF results from May 27th. The evening kicked off with a fiery match between Solidad and Abigail Cronvis. In a surprising twist, Solidad secured a victory, not due to conventional means, but thanks to an intervention from ringside by Carmelita. Her interference led to a disqualification, handing Solidad the win.

As the event continued, we saw Cassidy Sinq Novella square off against Mazra Baxton. It was a thrilling face-off, with Cassidy Sinq Novella emerging triumphant over Mazra Baxton.

The intensity was dialed up further in the third match, where Katie “Motherfucking” Carter and Chiyoko clashed. Carter took the match, but the excitement didn’t stop there. Post-match, we were treated to an appearance by reigning tag team champions, Shimmer.

Shimmer took the stage to express their gratitude to the fans for their support during the anniversary show. However, their speech was cut short by the Vicious Vixens. The Vixens extended their congratulations, but also questioned Shimmer’s defending record. They claimed Shimmer hasn’t faced tough competition and even went as far as labeling the Vixens stagnant.

Naturally, the Vixens didn’t sit idle; they promptly challenged Shimmer for the titles. With the challenge seemingly accepted, it’s safe to say we’re all eagerly awaiting this showdown.

And finally, the main event. Foxybeth Ann took on Venna “The Kraken” Gutpiuda in a Last Sirens Standing match. Yet, in another unexpected turn of events, the match concluded in a draw, leaving us without a clear victor. Truly an electrifying and eventful night of wrestling!

Welcome back to the Arius City where we just wrapped up the second episode of Season One of DAW Amplify. The first match saw a thrilling rematch between The Fairoe and Magnus. Despite The Fairoe managing a mid-match point, Magnus pulled through with a 2-1 victory, marking a grand start to the night.

In a subsequent segment, we witnessed Folami reflecting on the previous episode’s incident involving Red Empress, Sasha Winters, Vivienne, and herself. Sasha Winters and Vivienne joined her in the ring, resulting in a fiery verbal back-and-forth. The tension ultimately built up to the agreement for a DAW Medley Mixdown Battle on June 22nd, 2K23. Mark your calendars, as that’s a match you wouldn’t want to miss.

The second match featured Pauline Driscoll against the debutant, El Toronado. While Driscoll seemed initially unimpressed, she soon realized she might have underestimated Toronado, who went on to clinch the match with a 2-1 finish. Despite the loss, Driscoll’s enthusiasm for a future rematch with Toronado was palpable.

The night reached its peak with the main event – a high-stakes face-off between NUX and Charlie Jamison. In a display of brutal strength and agility, Jamison leveraged the DAW Battlements’ environment to his advantage, inflicting severe damage on NUX and leading to a countout 2-1 victory.

Post-match, the extent of NUX’s injuries became evident, as he had to be taken out on a stretcher. As we wait for the next episode, it’s safe to say that DAW Amplify has left a lasting impression on Arius City with this unforgettable night of wrestling.

Another exhilarating Monday evening unfurled as FWF Blood kept the audience on the edge of their seats with its captivating bouts. The evening kicked off with an enticing face-off between Vidiot, the Blast from the Past, and Leonzo Glacies. Despite an evenly matched struggle, it was Leonzo who propelled Vidiot back to the 80s with a victorious powerbomb, clinching the win.

But the intensity didn’t stop there. The heat of the night escalated when Vishka entered the ring to deliver a charged-up promo. He cast doubts over the fairness of the three-way dance, arguing it was skewed against him. Undeterred, he confidently voiced his intent to defeat the newly crowned FWF Alpha Champion Krypto in a one-on-one face-off. Krypto didn’t back down, accepting Vishka’s challenge, ready to defend his title.

Subsequently, the crowd was treated to an enthralling match between Jenn Logas and Jigzaw. Logas, known for her cunning strategies, had an array of tricks up her sleeve, but Jigzaw, the relentless shark, seized the victory with an impressive Ocean Suplex.

In the much-anticipated Main Event of the evening, FWF Alpha Champion Krypto defended his title against the resolute Vishka. Despite a valiant display from Vishka, Krypto proved why he’s at the top, emerging victorious and retaining his title with an unforgettable performance.

That’s how FWF Blood signs off, leaving a lasting impression! We’re already excited for next Monday’s showdowns. Stay tuned!

The past week in the wrestling world was nothing short of thrilling, brimming with sensational spectacles. It’s no wonder anticipation is high for the coming week’s events. So, remember to stick around for more adrenaline-filled moments and standout matches as we continue to track the electrifying developments in this narrative. Stay tuned!

That brings us to the end of this installment of ATG Sports Plus. I trust that our in-depth exploration of the vibrant sphere of virtual sports has both enthralled and enlightened you. I want to express my appreciation for your company throughout this program. Make sure you join us for the next broadcast of ATG Sports Plus. In the meantime, stay in the game, on the virtual field!

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